10 English Expressions For Job Positions At Work – Learn English Expressions for Work [Video 4]

Would you like to talk about job positions at work using idiomatic expressions to express yourself more fluently? How can you describe your boss using idiomatic expressions in English? Here are 10 English Expressions related to job positions at work

Big Cheese
The boss or someone with a leadership position

Call The Shots
To make the important decisions

Chief Cook And Bottle Washer
A  person who is responsible for keeping things running and has many tasks to preform

Jack Of All Trades
A person who is competent in many skills and abilities

Play Second Fiddle
Someone who is second in command or has a lower position

Yes Man             
Someone who always agrees with his superiors and does whatever they say

Back-Room Boys
People who have do important work but aren’t visible to the general public

Blue Collar         

Someone who does manual labor

White Collar      
Someone who does office work

Line Of Work
A particular type of work

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