10 English Expressions For Work Bureaucracy – Learn English Expressions for Work [Video 3]

Would you like to talk about work bureaucracy using idiomatic expressions to express yourself more fluently? Do you want to understand what you hear people saying in English about work and bureaucracy? Here are 10 English Expressions related to Work Bureaucracy at your job

Red Tape           
Excessive rules and regulations that make it difficult make decisions or take action

By The Book
To strictly follow all policies or laws 100%

Cut Corners       
To do something the easiest and fastest way possible even if you have to break the rules

Ambiguous laws and policies that aren’t clear which allow people to gain an advantage

Gray Area          
A situation that is not clearly defined and doesn’t conform to a set of rules

Under The Table            
Something done secretly or illegally

Backroom Deal
A decision that is made or work that is done without public knowledge

Behind Someone’s Back
To do or say something about someone without knowledge

Behind The Scenes
Something that happens in secret or out of sight

Xerox Subsidy
Using the company photocopier for your own personal use

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