10 English Expressions For Working Hard – Learn English Expressions for Work [Video 9]

Do you know how to about working a lot and working hard? Would you like some idiomatic expressions to help you express yourself better in English when talking about working really hard? Here are 10 English Expressions related to hard work and working a lot. Listen and repeat with me.

Cold Call
Calling people without an appointment in order to sell them something

Pound The Pavement
Get out and walk around to get a job or make a sale

Work Your Fingers To The Bone
Work very hard to the point of exhaustion

Sweat Blood
Extraordinary effort to accomplish a task

By The Sweat Of Your Brow.
Earn money by doing hard, physical labor

Have A Lot On Your Plate
Have a lot of work and or problems to deal with

Have Your Work Cut Out     
A very difficult task to accomplish in a short amount of time

Snowed Under
Have so much work you are facing problems

Be Swamped
Overwhelmed with work and problems

Busman’s Holiday
Spend your time doing the same thing you do at work

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