11 English Expressions For Work Training – Learn English Expressions for Work [Video 10]

Would you like know how to express yourself when talking about work training and learning on the job?  If you want some idiomatic expressions to help you express yourself better in English when talking about learning at work and training for a job…here are 10 English Expressions related to get you started

Show Someone The Ropes
Show or explain how to do a specific job or activity

Learn The Ropes
Learn how to do a specific job or activity correctly

Learning Curve
The amount of time it takes to learn a new activity

Earn While You Learn
Earn a salary while you are learning how to perform it

Tricks Of The Trade
Techniques used in a profession that are usually not known by others

Get Up To Speed
Acquire all the necessary information or experience to perform your job

Second Nature
Do something so well it seems instinctive and natural to you

Test The Waters
Try something out to see if it works or not

Rule Of Thumb
A general guiding principle one lives by

Off The Top Of Your Head
Know something or remember something instantly without thinking about it

No Brainer
A situation with one clear choice and a very easy decision to make

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