13 English Expressions For Describing Bad Employees – Learn English Expressions for Work [Video 7]

Do you know how to describe a bad employee at work and why they are bad at work using idiomatic expressions to express yourself better? How can you describe the kind of employee your boss doesn’t want you to be by using idiomatic expressions in English? Here are 13 English Expressions related to bad employees and the things they shouldn’t do at work

Dead Wood
Someone or something that is no longer necessary

Slack Off
Perform unproductively and work lazily

Shape Up Or Ship Out
A warning to improve unless you want to be fired

Rock The Boat
Disrupt a tranquil situation and cause problems

Put Something Off
Procrastinate and delay doing something

Run Around In Circles
Do things without getting the desired results

Cave In          
Agree to something you didn’t want to accept previously

Throw In The Towel
To quit and give up

Paid Peanuts
Receive a very low salary

Dead End Job
A bad job without the opportunity for improvement or promotion

Work To Rule
When employees do only the minimum amount of required work to cause a slowdown

A Tough Break
Experience something difficult or troublesome

Last Straw
The final annoyance that causes you to get angry

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