13 English Expressions For Work and Accounting – Learn English Expressions for Work [Video 2]

Do you want to speak better English to express yourself more fluently when you talk about work and accounting? Do you want to understand what you hear people saying in English about work and accounting? Here are 13 English Expressions related to Work and accounting at your job

An accountant or person who controls the budget

Number Cruncher
An accountant or person who perform rapid calculations with large numbers

Crunch The Numbers
Crunch the numbers means to do a lot of math calculations to make a decision

The Big Picture
To get an overview of the entire situation and everything that is involved

The Bottom Line
The total of a balance sheet or the ultimate deciding factor

A Ball Park Figure
A rough estimate or guess as to current or future results

Balance The Books
To add up debits and credits for analysis and make all money is accounted for

Cook The Books
To alter financial statements and accounting information dishonestly”

To Break Even
The point at which cashflow is equal to costs so there is no profit or loss

In The Black
A person or organization that is making a profit and owes no money

In The Red
A person or organization that is not making a profit and owing money

Go Broke
To lose all your money and become bankrupt

Cut One’s Losses
To stop doing things that are unproductive to avoid losing more money

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