16 English Expressions for Work And Money – Learn English Expressions for Work [Video 1]

Do you want to express yourself better in English when you talk about work and money? Do you want to understand what you hear people saying in English about work and money? Here are 16 English Expressions related to Work, Jobs and making money. See the expressions below.

Bring Home The Bacon
Work to earn money to bring home a paycheck and buy food for the family

A Cash Cow
A person, product, or service that brings the company a lot of money

Bang For The Buck
Something that gives you more value back than the money you spent

Selling Like Hotcakes
Sell something very quickly that many people want to buy

Ramp Up
Increase your efforts or investment to get better results

Take Off
To increase or become popular very quickly

Go Through The Roof
To increase much more than expected

Ahead Of The Pack
To be better or more successful than your competitors

Ahead Of The Curve
To advance further than your competitors

On A Roll
To achieve continued success or have several successes in a row

On The Ball
To remain alert and take care of problems quickly

Get The Ball Rolling
To take initiative and begin a process

Diamond In The Rough
Someone or something with lots potential but still needing improvement

Raise The Bar
To set standards or expectations higher than before by creating something better

State Of The Art
Something technologically advanced and the best of it’s kind

Corner A Market
To dominate a particular market

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