16 English Expressions To Deal With Work Issues – Learn English Expressions for Work [Video 11]

Would you like know how to express yourself when discussing and dealing with work issues?  If you want some idiomatic expressions to help you express yourself better in English when talking about work related issues…here are 16 English Expressions related to get you started

Sky’s The Limit          
Limitless possibilities and options

Something new and innovative

Hands Are Tied         
Have no control in a situation

Not Going To Fly       
A solution that won’t work or be accepted

Take It Lying Down   
Accept something unpleasant without putting up a fight

From The Ground Up           
Start a project or business from the very beginning

Get Something Off The Ground      
To get something started

Game Plan    
A strategy or plan of action

Get The Ball Rolling  
Start a project to get things going

Get Down To Business         
Get serious so you can start talking about important topics or doing important tasks

Back To Square One 
Start something over again

Back To The Drawing Board
A plan was unsuccessful and a new plan is necessary

On The Back Burner
Something is low priority or being considered for the future

Put It On Hold
Postpone or suspend something temporarily

Come Up Short         
Deficient or unable to achieve your goal

Glass Ceiling
A barrier or limitation in your life

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