17 English Expressions For Communication At Work – Learn English Expressions for Work [Video 14]

Want to know how to express yourself when talking about communication at work?  If you want some idiomatic expressions to help you express yourself better in English when talking about communication at work…here are 17 English Expressions related to get you started

Touch Base    
Contact someone to see how they are or discuss an issue

Word Of Mouth        
News spread through informal conversation with friends and family members

Catch You Off Guard
Something that happens when you were not expecting it

Get On The Good Side         
Win someone’s approval and support

Get Your Foot In The Door  
Grab the opportunity to take the first, small step towards a larger goal

Small Talk      
Light conversation about trivial, unimportant topics

Talk Shop
Discuss work-related topics when you aren’t at work

Set The Record Straight
Write or say something in order to make the facts known

On The Same Page   
Agree with someone on a specific issue

See Eye To Eye
Have the same opinion as someone else

On The Same Wavelength
Think the same way someone else does

Read Between The Lines     
Understand something that was suggested indirectly

Out In The Open      
Something that is not hidden from the public

Out Of The Loop       
Not being aware of information or an event

In The Dark
Uninformed about important information

Pick Your Brains
Ask for ideas

In A Nutshell 
A summary or concise form

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