20 English Expressions For Describing Good Employees – Learn English Expressions for Work [Video 6]

Do you know how to describe a good employee at work and what they do at work using idiomatic expressions to express yourself better? How can you describe the kind of employee your boss wants you to be by using idiomatic expressions in English? Here are 10 English Expressions related to good employees and the things they do at work.

Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty
To do more than required or expected

Go The Extra Mile          
Provide a better service or do more than people expect

Worth One’s Salt
Someone who does their job well and deserves respect

Climb The Corporate Ladder
Work your way up to higher positions in a company through promotions

Ambitiously working for success and quickly becoming more well-known

Another String To Your Bow
Extra skills or available options if things don’t work out

Cream Of The Crop
The best person in a group

Plum Job
A very easy job with a large salary

To recruit the best people for a position in a large company

Golden Handcuffs
A large sum of money given to keep an employee from leaving the company

Golden Parachute
A clause in an employment contract that guarantees large benefits if terminated

Golden Handshake
Payment for being laid off or leaving the company

People Person
An extroverted person with good social skills and who interacts well with others

On Top Of         
Remain in control by being aware of important information

On Your Toes    
Stay alert and take care of problems immediately

Duty Bound
Required or obligated to do something

Stand One’s Ground     
Resist change even in spite of opposition and maintain your position

See Something Through             
Persist at a task until it is finished

Think Outside The Box
Think in a creative and original way that is different from normal

Hit The Nail On The Head           
Give a perfectly correct answer

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