20 English Expressions For Risks In Business – Learn English Expressions for Work [Video 13]

Do you want to know how to express yourself when talking about risk in business and at work?  If you want some idiomatic expressions to help you express yourself better in English when talking about work related risks and business risks…here are 20 English Expressions related to get you started

At Stake
Something is at risk and in danger

Put All Your Eggs In One Basket     
Rely on one activity to achieve your desired result

Put The Cart Before The Horse       
Do things out of order

No Time To Lose
Something must be completed quickly and without delay

Time’s Up      
Have no time left or be past due

Long Shot      
Something with a very small chance of happening

The Long Haul
A prolonged and difficult effort

Burn Your Bridges
Destroy your chances of returning to a previous state

Writing On The Wall
An indication or clue that something bad about to happen

Equal split in proportion

In Hot Water
A difficult and troublesome situation

Something very intense and aggressive

Play Hardball
Compete cruelly and without mercy to get what you want

Blood On The Carpet
Expresses someone’s anger when they discover something bad and often results in

In The Firing
A controversial position that allows for criticism and attack

A Close Shave
Come extremely close to danger but are able to avoid it

Safe Be
Something you are certain will happen

Same Boat     
To be in the same situation as other people

No Strings Attached 
Give something without expecting anything in return

The Fine Print
Small text in contracts used to conceal important information

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