3 Reasons English Students Never Learn To Speak English Fluently

Many English students that want to learn English, complain that they are unable to speak English fluently. They complain that their teacher is no good, or their English book is too easy, or even that the language itself is too hard.

But I say ‘Hogwash’ to all of that! If you can speak your mother-tongue, then you can speak any other language you really want to. It just takes study and practice.

So, if you want to leave the crowd of language-learning-whiners behind and really speak English fluently…then it’s important to understand what holds them back — so you can break free.

Reason #1: They Have No Set Time To Study English

Many English students want to learn to speak English fluently, but unfortunately they never do. They think about learning the language and dream about talking like a native. But they never actually set aside the time to study English.

They make excuses and procrastinate. They think that they will get to it when they ‘find time’. Or they think that the time they have isn’t enough. So, they sit there and spend another hour in front of the television…imagining what it would be like to speak English like those actors they see.

Once in a while they may study…but then other days they don’t. They never stick with it long enough to get into the habit of studying English and mastering the language.

Reason #2: They Don’t Know What To Study

The second reason language students fail to learn English is that they don’t know what to study. They have bookshelves loaded with English books, English workbooks, English CDs, English programs, English DVDs, English websites.

Then when they sit down to study they get overwhelmed. They don’t know where to start. So, they go online and search for some new material that will help them learn English so they can buy another book or CD that holds all the answers.

That is part of the reason that our membership is so powerful…we give you a Daily Checklist and show you exactly what to study each day. Everyday you get two or three new English learning exercises with vocabulary, grammar, pronunciations, and expression lessons at the VIP English Club

Reason #3: They Don’t Practice What Little They Do Study

The third and final reason English students never learn to speak English fluently is that when they do study something…they fail to practice it. Usually it is because they are shy and afraid to make a mistake.

But if you want to improve your English speaking skills, you have to practice and use the English language. You must practice the new English vocabulary, grammar structures, and pronunciations you are learning each day.

And by using our Daily English Checklist…you get audio exercises to help you practice what you are learning and develop your fluency fast. That way you can feel confident when you speak English with other people.

Set Aside A Specific Time To Systematically Study And Practice English

If you set aside time to learn English every day you will begin to see the results. It doesn’t matter if you only have 15 minutes to study. Take advantage of those moments to change your life.

The simple act of setting aside a definite time to improve your English language skills each day will create the self-discipline and positive habits you need to learn to speak English fluently.

When Will You Study English Today?

So, choose a time to study the English language every day. It can be in the morning right after you wake up or at night before you go to bed. What is important is that you make a decision to learn English…and then do whatever you need to do to reach your language learning goals.

Here at EXLenglish, our goal is to provide you with a powerful daily checklist to help you learn to speak English fluently and proficiently like a native speaker while thinking in the language. We are providing mini-stories and English lessons online so you can develop your listening skills and improve you speaking skills while thinking in English as you use our Daily English Checklist with instant English lessons each day.


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