3 Tips To Improve Your English Speaking And Pronunciation With Mauri

Mauri shares tips to improve your English speaking and pronunciation skills. He started studying with us at XOKenglish using the same mini-story lessons that you can access in the VIP English Club  too. Listen as he tells his story of how he learned English and shares tips to help you improve your speaking skills and your English pronunciation.

Mauri starts off telling his story about how he learned English and how he improved his English speaking skills using 3 simple techniques.

He explains that he really wanted to improve quickly. So, instead of taking 1 month to study the mini-stories in the VIP English Club…he studied them in a week.

Tip #1: Learn how Mauri would create more complex sentences by taking short sentences and joining them together.

Tip #2: Try to imitate the accent of natives speakers that you hear in the mini-stories and audio you listen to so that you can improve your pronunciation in English.

Tip #3: Be in contact with a language by listening to music, watching movies and videos in English…then you will start to understand what people say when you listen to them and you will be a better speaker.

Bonus Tip: Discover how teaching English to other people can help you to improve your English skills…even if you are still learning.

This is because when you teach something you learn it faster than if you just study it. Your mind learns faster when you repeat what you are learning many times throughout the day.

I hope you enjoy this video. If you have questions or feedback…leave a comment.

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