4 Ways To Learn Vocabulary With Mini-Stories In The VIP English Club

Would you like English mini-story lessons to improve your English vocabulary? We have 80 vocabulary lessons in the VIP English Club…that were created live in the classroom with our students. You can use the 5 step V.O.C.A.B. system to learn how to use them.  Watch the video below to see what the lessons are like.

I created these lessons over a period of about two years as I was teaching my English students here in Brazil. In the classes we would create the mini-stories and teach new English vocabulary words that the students didn’t know.

We made these English mini-story lessons available to help our students study and practice more at home.

But we also made them available online here in the VIP English Club for students like you who live far away and can’t study with us here at school.

What Vocabulary Lessons Are In The VIP English Club

I know you probably want to know what the lessons are like and how to use them. So, I recorded this video to show you what’s inside the VIP English Club 

Let me show you how you can use the different lessons and resources available so you can increase your English vocabulary.

There are 20 modules with a daily checklist…so you can complete each module in a month. Some students like Mauri studied much faster though.

You can watch this video where he explains how he learned English with the mini-stories and shares 3 tips for speaking English faster and easier.

Each module has 4 mini-story units. So, you can study one per week. Each unit has:

  • 20-page transcript with exercises,
  • Teacher key so you can see what topics are covered
  • 10 audio lessons
  • 3 audio exercises

There is a lot of information. But in this video we’re just going to cover how to increase your vocabulary with the mini-stories and lessons.

Step #1: Study The Vocabulary Lesson

The vocabulary lessons are fairly simple. Just listen to the pronunciation of the words, and then the definition to understand what it means.

There may be other words you don’t know in the story…but you can learn those using the 5 step V.O.C.A.B. system I taught you earlier.

Step #2: Create Your Personalized Dictionary

After listening to the vocabulary lesson, write a few sentences for each word. You can model the sentences you hear in the vocabulary lesson to get started.

We provided worksheets you can print off, but you can also just use your own system like I showed you in the 3 tools video on youtube.

Step #3: Read And Listen To The Story With The 5 Step V.O.C.A.B. System

After listening to the vocabulary lesson, read through the mini-story to see if you understand it.

Underline the words you don’t understand. Don’t forget to differentiate between the different levels of words like I showed you. Then try to guess the meanings of the words you don’t know.

Finally, double-check the meanings of the new English vocabulary words you are learning to see if you really understood them.

Step #4: Practice Vocabulary With The Q&A Mini-stories

After that, it’s important to review the words frequently. This is easy to do by listening to the other versions of the mini-story.

But especially focus on the Q&A mini-story. This will help you learn to speak the new words you are using. You won’t just listen to them and repeat them. You will hear the word in a question, and you will have to think of how to answer. Of course, we do provide sample answers just in case you don’t know it.

So, these are four ways to learn new words and increase your English vocabulary with the vocabulary lessons and mini-stories in the  VIP English Club 

If you have any questions or feedback…please leave a comment below.

And please feel free to share this video with anyone you think needs to improve their vocabulary.

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