7 Simple Guidelines For Pronouncing English Vowel Sounds [English Phonics Tips 1]

Would you like to pronounce new words you read in English correctly? Do you have trouble knowing which sound to use when pronouncing new words? If so, it’s time to learn a little phonics so you know whether to use the short or long vowel sounds when pronouncing words in English.

It’s important to learn these 7 simple guidelines, because the English vowels have many different sounds. One of my students calls them the ‘boogy-man’ of the English language.

However, they aren’t as complicated as they first appear. Just watch the video and learn the 7 simple guidelines for pronouncing vowel sounds in English…then pratice with the activities and exercises in the videos below.

3 Tips For Pronouncing Vowel Sounds In English [Phonics Guidelines]

It’s also important to pronounce the proper lengths of the vowels…because most English students make the short vowel sounds too long and the long vowel sounds too short. I’ll show you several ways to learn to practice your pronunciation correctly.

Watch this video to learn why it’s so important to pronounce the vowels correctly. And download the list of links in the PDF below at the bottom of the page.

You’ll also discover why the ‘schwa’ sound is a mystery to most English students…but if you learn how to master it, you’ll be well on your way to sounding like a more fluent and proficient English speaker.

ESL Activity: Long vs Short English Vowel Sound [Practice Your English]

Here is a pronunciation activity to help you practice each of the individual vowel sounds. I chose 8 words for each of the long and short vowel sounds. Listen and then repeat them along with me to reduce your English accent.

This is a simple exercise to help you differentiate between the long and short vowel sounds in the English language. Most of them aren’t very difficult. So, we’ll leave the harder sounds for later.

But if you hear sounds that you have trouble pronouncing…leave a comment and let me know which ones they are so I can focus on them in future videos.

ESL Exercise: Short and Long Vowel Sounds [English Pronunciation Exercise]

Now that you learned the 7 pronunciation guidelines and practiced the last ESL activity…try this exercise and see how many of these words you can pronounce correctly.

In this video, I will show you a series of 24 words with vowels in them. Your task is to pronounce the word correctly based on the 7 guidelines you learned in the previous video.

I will give you a few seconds to try to remember each one. Then you will hear me pronounce the word correctly. See how many of the vowel sounds you can pronounce correctly.

English Vowel Sounds: Odd Man Out Whiteboard [ESL Game]

You’ve studied hard…so here is a fun game to help you out while having a little fun. It’s you against me. If you pick the correct word…you get 1 point. But if not…you have to give me a point. Leave a comment and tell me who won. 😉

So, here are the instructions. I’ll show you a set of 2 words in English…and you will hear me say one of them. Your goal is to choose the word that I am pronouncing.

You’ll hear me say the word 3 times to help you choose the correct word. Then I’ll show you which one I’m pronouncing. Keep score and tell me how many points you got.

Download And Print Off The PDF Worksheet of English Vowels

And finally…here are the ESL worksheets I promised you to help you practice the pronunciation of the long and short vowel sounds in English. Just download them and print them off so you can study later.

Download the Powerpoint Slides On The Long and Short Vowel Sounds

And here are the powerpoints slides of the activities that I used in the videos…so you can practice later. Or use them with your English students if you are an ESL teacher.

Have fun and let me know how it goes in the comments. If you have questions or doubts…leave a comment too.

If you enjoyed the videos…please like the videos so I know. I keep an eye on the videos that get the most likes and use them as models for future videos. So, you can vote with your likes and tell me what you want more of.

Also, please feel free to share these videos and resources with your family and friends who want to learn English. I really appreciate you helping us spread the word.

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