7 Ways To Learn English Prepositions with Video

Do you have trouble using prepositions in English? Prepositions are commonly used words that trip up even intermediate and advanced students. So, here’s are 7 ideas to brush up your use of English prepositions with this fun video.

Learn English Prepostions With Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate

I’ve chosen this video to go along with a basic English lesson where we teach vocabulary words about toys and children. You’ll understand why when you watch the video, because it looks like Danny is riding his bicycle in a giant toybox.

But Danny’s Imaginate video is a great way to review English prepositions. By time we get to this lesson, our English students already have a fairly good grasp of some of the more basic English prepositionss.

So, this video makes for a great review of the basic English prepositions that you already know, as well as a multimedia format to learn new prepositions that you haven’t learned in English yet.

7 Ideas To Learn English Prepositions And Practice Them

I think you’ll find variouas ways to use the English prepositions you already know as well as learn a few more. So, here are some ideas to get you started.

Prepostion Idea 1. Watch the video through and see how many prepostions you can come up with on your own. In other words, create a list of prepositions that you already know.

Prepostion Idea 2. Describe each of the actions that you see Danny preform in the video. Make sure to describe the items and where their position is in regards to each other.

Prepostion Idea 3. Pretend you are describing the action in the video to a friend. What would you say. Use the English prepositions that you added to your list above. Write out what you would say in complete sentences.

Prepostion Idea 4. Share the video on your Facebook timeline and add your description to the status of the video. That way other English students and teachers can see what you wrote and help you make any correction where you didnd’t use the prepositions correctly.

Prepostion Idea 5. Find a large list of prepositions online and see if there are others prepositions that you can use as well. Are there any prepositions that you know, but just forgot to use.

Prepostion Idea 6. Go ahead and learn any new English prepositions that are on the list that you don’t know yet. See if you can find a place where you could use them in the video as well.

Prepostion Idea 7. Use your newly modified list of prepositions that you’ve learned in English to create comments about the video. Go ahead and add these comments to the video as well.

Once you’ve watched the video and practiced the use of the prepositions in English, go ahead and leave a comment below. Tell us how it went for you and what you learned.

If you have any other ideas for practicing English prepostions with the video above, go ahead and share your ideas with other English students as well in the comments below.

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