Advanced English Vocabulary Videos To Increase Your TOEFL Scores And College Entrance Examinations

Are you preparing for the TOEFL or some other college entrance examination that requires you to speak English at a more advanced level?

If so, here is a series of TOEFL vocabulary videos that we’re recording to help you increase your examination scores.

English Vocabulary Lesson – Abandon [Sample Sentences + Phrasal Verb ‘Give Up’]

Learn how to pronounce the word “Abandon” correctly and learn to use this word correctly.

You’ll also learn a way to express this with the phrasal verb ‘give up’.

English Vocabulary Lesson – Callous with Sample Sentences + Idioms & Expressions

Listen to this video to learn how to pronounce the word “Callous” in English.

And you’ll discover how to say the same thing with the idiomatic expression ‘cold blooded and heartless’.

English Vocabulary Lesson – Dearth with Sample Sentences

Watch this video to learn how to pronounce the word ‘Dearth‘ correctly in English along with several sample sentences.

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