And The Winner of The VIP English Club Is…

Hey Boys & Girls,

Thanks so much for all the positive feedback.

I really appreciate everyone’s kind words about the 12 steps video…and the comments on the learn English mini-stories themselves.

There were some great suggestions and feedback given as well.

So, with no further ado…our EXL teacher team has chosen a winner…who will receive TOTAL ACCESS to the EXLenglish Club with all the mini-stories and lessons every single month.

There are approximately 48 audio lessons each month…plus all exercises…transcripts…and teacher keys to correct your answers.

And the best part is the ‘Daily Checklist’ that takes you by the hand and shows you exactly what stories and lessons to study each day.

We chose our winner because…

  1. They were honest about not having time to follow all the steps. …
  2. Left some great comments and…
  3. Made some great suggestions.

Check out what they said

“…Frankly, ur mini stories are really powerful and awesome. I really improved a lot. I started listening the structures and understanding all of its, and get to know how to apply present or past or future tenses, but im not master of it yet, so i hope that more mini stories can help me. The difference situations and times of the mini stories gave me an idea when its happend and what words or tenses we should use…and I’m even impressed so much and rmb the words deeply by using those mini stories. The mini stories make me started turning on to english. I’m actually quite enjoy with learning. Thx David

Thanks so much for those kind words Chris! You can now access the current module at the VIP English Club

Everyone else will be able to access the VIP English Club tomorrow (Saturday – August 13) at 12:00 p.m. EST) when we start accepting new members.

Meantime, Chris also suggested that we provide more videos in different grammar tenses and points of view. So, those will be up soon for everyone to watch too.

I’ll send you an email as soon as they are ready.

Warm Regards,
David A. Bailey, Jr

P.S. Congratulations Chris! And thanks again. 😉


  1. hoang thinh says:

    i want it, thanks alot

  2. i cant believe that im really won it,thx so much to pick me as a winner,thx so much……apprieciate it david

  3. @Chris You are welcome Chris.
    Congratulations. 🙂

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