Learn English Mini-Story: Lucien Gets Married

Here is a new Learn English Mini-story with Questions and Answers to help you build your English vocabulary and learn new expressions with a new ESL mini-story about Lucien who gets married and thinks he is going to live happily ever after. But think again Lucien, it won’t be that easy. You can also download […]

Learn English Mini-Story: Art Journals 1

Here is a new mini-story that I’ve been working on for my English students. Listen to it and learn the words you don’t know to improve your English vocabulary. You can download the slow version or fast version of the audio from my Patreon page. There is a genius named Art. He worked with Jenny on […]


I lost my vision for why I started this blog so many years ago. I’m trying to bring that back so I can better help English students and teachers. Here’s my current first rough draft. Read and give me your feedback. We, the mavens and seekers of wisdom, seek to foster a community of learning […]

Learn English Expression’s: Take The Bull By The Horns

Here’s an expression to help you with your English. Take the bull by the horns. It means to take initiative, be bold, and do whatever it takes to get the job done. Got questions? Leave a comment. 😉

Learn English Mini-Story: Jenny & The Clone Project

Meet Jenny the Programming Biologist. The character I’m currently working on in my new short story. Read the mini-story to master the vocabulary and expressions. Then listen to it to improve your Pronunciation. Finally, practice your speaking by telling it to someone else. Here is the text from the story…and you can download the audio […]

How To Use Much And Many In English?

Do you have doubts in when to use Much and Many? Well, watch this video and say good-bye to those doubts. Here are some of the phrases from the video: There are many chairs. There are many dogs. There are many socks. There is much water. There is much sugar. There is much money. If […]

Do You Know How TO Say ‘NOIVA(O)’ In English?

Do you know how to say Noiva(o) in English? Learn this word and many others. Here are some words from the video: Bride – Fiancée Groom – Fiancé If you have questions or feedback…leave a comment. Like this video…share it with your friends…and subscribe to the channel https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=audioesl Get more English lessons with the simple […]

How To Use Definite And Indefinite Articles A – AN – THE In English

Have you wondered how you would go about use the definite and indefinite articles (A-AN-THE) in English? What are articles in English and how can you use them correctly? And why are they not used with proper nouns? Here in this video learn how to use the definite and indefinite articles in English. Here are […]

How To Use The Verb ‘To Be’ In English

Would you like to learn how to use the verb “To Be” in English? Here it’s shown a very simple way in how to use this verb. It is not complicated at all. Watch this video: Here are some of the phrases from the video: I am happy You are sad He/She/It is going home We […]

How To Use ‘Gonna’ For The Simple Future Verb Tense [Contraction of Going To]

Do you know how to contract words like ‘gonna’ to talk about things in the Simple Future in English? Find out why so many words are reduced and contracted like this in the English language as we look at the phrase ‘I’m gonna love you like I’m gonna lose you’ from Meghan Trainer and John […]