P.L.A.N.E. English Worksheet #2 – Reverse Planning Guide

Alright! By now, you should have completed the ‘Goal Clarification Guide‘ and are ready for the next step. So, now it’s time to create your English learning plan. Go ahead and download the document below. Then print it off so you can fill it out and create your personalized plan for reaching your ultimate objective. […]

P.L.A.N.E. English Worksheet #1 – Goal Clarification Guide (PDF Download)

You probably know that to be successful…you need a good plan. And, if you read my post on ‘How To Create The Perfect English Learning Plan’…you know that the first thing you need to do is decide where you want to end up. See, most English students just do whatever they see other students doing. […]

P.L.A.N.E. English Method – Cheat Sheet

I know a lot of you want a simplified version of the P.L.A.N.E. English Method. So, here is the whole system at a glance on a single page. That way you can quickly recall anything important. Just print it off and stick somewhere you can see it everyday when you get ready to study English […]

I Learn English Language Efficiently

This is part 8 of ‘How I Learn English Language Efficiently‘ where we’ll be talking about how to turn your English learning goals and turning them into an action plan. So, let’s go back to look at your reason for studying English, so we can then create your English learning plan. It’s really quite simple […]

Why I Learn English Language

This is part 7 of ‘How Do I Learn English‘. So, let’s look at some common reasons students give for ‘why I learn English language.’ In the previous lesson we looked at goal setting for English students. Setting your English learning goals is the first step It’s important to understand what your final objective is […]

How To Learn In English: Success Formula – Part 6

This is part 6 0f ‘How To Learn In English‘. Did you know that there is a very specific formula for learning English? And it’s really simple. If we boil English learning down to its basic principles it’s just like any other mathematical or scientific formula. How To Learn In English – The Scientific Formula It’s […]