3 Tips To Improve Your English Speaking And Pronunciation With Mauri

Mauri shares tips to improve your English speaking and pronunciation skills. He started studying with us at XOKenglish using the same mini-story lessons that you can access in the VIP English Club  too. Listen as he tells his story of how he learned English and shares tips to help you improve your speaking skills and your English […]

The Daily Battle To Learn English – Junior Shares Common Struggles English Students Face

Do you ever struggle to learn English? I heard Junior talking with another student who was frustrated with his English learning and development. So, I asked him to share these tips with you. So, if you feel frustrated and want to quit learning English sometimes…then this video may help you too. Listen as Junior talks about […]

Take The FCE and CAE Cambridge Exams In England – Interview With Hélio

Meet Hélio! A friend of mine who flew across the ocean to take the Cambridge FCE examination in England. He aced it…and then studied some more to take the Cambridge CAE examination. He passed…but his girlfriend still broke up with him because he didn’t get the best score possible. Listen in as I talk with […]