How Can We Learn English – 3 Key Factors To Learning English Fluently & Proficiently

Welcome back to part 3 of ‘How can we learn English?’ which is a very common question. So, let’s talk about the three key factors to your success when learning English which are… time talent motivation Now, this is important because you probably never realized what the real secret to learning English really is – […]

English Phrases Expressions – Hit The Jackpot

Hey! We have more English phrases expressions for you in this series. In today’s idiomatic expression lesson we’ll be looking at the phrase ‘hit the jackpot’ in English. So, if you’re an English student wanting to improve your ESL skills keep on reading. This particular idiom in the category of English phrases expressions refers to money…and […]

Seven Habits of Highly Effective English Learners

Have you ever wanted to speak English fluently and proficiently? Maybe you know an English maven who has already mastered the English language. And now you want to learn the language too. If so, there are seven key habits of highly effective English learners that you need to be aware of to learn the language […]

English Grammar – The Possessive Case Versus The Genitive Case

Lots of English students like you have been asking me over the years about possessive case. So, I want to answer one of the main questions I get asked by English students…because it will help you understand the English language better. See, we just went all out and created a series of lessons about this […]

3 Quick Tips To Express Yourself More Fluently In English With Idiomatic Expressions

You’ve spent a lot of time and effort learning to speak English fluently with native speakers someday. The only thing left for you to do is express yourself more naturally and efficiently. However, if you are like most English students who want to sound formal and speak perfectly you will sound really strange. A case […]

Why Should I Learn Idiomatic Expressions And Slang In English?

Every once in a while, someone asks me why they should study idiomatic expressions and slang…instead of just focusing on single words. And the answer is twofold. Reason #1: It’s Just The Way They ‘Chew The Fat’ First, you should study slang and expressions because that is the way that native speakers talk in English…and […]

3 Language Learning Myths Exposed And Debunked So You Can Speak English Fluently

As I was doing research for the Vocabulary Secrets Revealed Series of my EXLsystem, I discovered that there is so much garbage about language learning on the web. People that say they are experts are infiltrating your minds with myths that are absolutely FALSE! And, that’s exactly why I’ve created a Special, Must-Have Report to […]

How To Learn New Vocabulary Words And Speak English Fluently

Learning new vocabulary in English is a great way to learn the language because words are the building blocks of language. In fact, I believe it’s so important that the vocabulary lesson is the first lesson in each weekly mini-story you can get as part of the VIP English Club But there’s a problem most […]

3 Easy Steps To Learn English Grammar With Mini-Stories

Most English students struggle to learn English grammar and speak proficiently. But one of my students, Rinaldo Guerreiro used grammar mini-stories to become a fluent English speaker. Today, Junior is an English speaking maven. And he now teaches others students just like himself. And he now creates his own mini-stories to teach his English students. Now, Junior […]

Accent Reduction Quiz: Is Your English Pronunciation Improving?

Reducing your native accent and improving your English pronunciation skills seems to be one of the most challenging difficulties that English students like you face. Let’s face it. If you want to speak fluent English and sound like a native…then you need to reduce your accent. However, my guess is that there are still a […]