I lost my vision for why I started this blog so many years ago. I’m trying to bring that back so I can better help English students and teachers. Here’s my current first rough draft. Read and give me your feedback. We, the mavens and seekers of wisdom, seek to foster a community of learning […]

Hey! Can You Help Me Please?

I had a bad fight with my wife today…and I think it may help your English… Read my message and tell me what you think I should do…it’s kind of long, but I think you might be able to help me… And besides I have a big confession to make…so, let’s get started so I […]

How Learning a Language Could Change Your Life

You might plan to learn a foreign language purely as a hobby to pass some time but after a while you will come to realize that it gives you a lot more than this. A Better View of the World   It can difficult to picture how people live in far off corners of the […]

Live Conversation Class: Apocalypse 2012 – The End Of Days

Hey Boys & Girls, Everyone is freaking out about what will happen in 2012. Many people are afraid of what could happen on that date. What about you? What do you think? And since this is such a controversial topic…I thought that it would make for an interesting ‘conversation class’. So, I’ve already scheduled a […]

And The Winner of The VIP English Club Is…

Hey Boys & Girls, Thanks so much for all the positive feedback. I really appreciate everyone’s kind words about the 12 steps video…and the comments on the learn English mini-stories themselves. There were some great suggestions and feedback given as well. So, with no further ado…our EXL teacher team has chosen a winner…who will receive […]

How To Improve Your Listening Skills In English With Seven Simple Steps

Hey! I did something really stupid…and I need to make it right. I’m still kicking myself for it…so, I have a very special offer for you. See, a while back…many of English students like you wrote and told me that you biggest difficulty was understanding what they were listening to in English. They were having […]