English On Line Resources & Tools

Are you looking for resources and tools to learn English on line? If so, you are in the right place because this is where I’ll be organizing links to learning resources that can help you improve your English.

I’ll probably be updating this list of English sites and blogs frequently, and you can include your suggestions in the comments below as well.

Using English Discussions on how to learn the English language with other English students and teachers. Get involved as you apply your Daily English Praxis.

English Forums – A community of English students where you can ask questions and get answers from other mavens and English teachers. A great place for speaking in English as you develop your Personal English Network.

English Club How to improve English vocabulary and grammar with other students of English as a second language in this how to learn English forum online.

How To Learn Any Language ForumA huge language learning site with a massive language learning forum. Probably the most popular language forum around. It holds an enormous amount of information for any one serious about learning a language.

Unilang.com Forum – A good forum of language topics with many members. It has over 70 different languages at the moment, each with its own active forum. This link will take you straight to the English forum.

Note. Some of the links mentioned above are paid resources and will be marked accordingly…and EXLenglish may even receive an affiliate commission for having the link here. 

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