English Phrases Expressions – Hit The Jackpot

English Phrases Expressions - Hit The Jackpot

English Phrases/Expressions – Hit The Jackpot

Hey! We have more English phrases expressions for you in this series. In today’s idiomatic expression lesson we’ll be looking at the phrase ‘hit the jackpot’ in English. So, if you’re an English student wanting to improve your ESL skills keep on reading.

This particular idiom in the category of English phrases expressions refers to money…and specifically winning a lot of it. So, let’s find out what ‘hitting the jackpot’ means and how you can use it to express yourself more proficiently in English.

Definition of the Expression ‘Hit The Jackpot’

The expression ‘hit the jackpot’ means to win a lot of money very suddenly…usually when someone wins at the casinos or in the lottery. The word ‘jackpot’ refers to the accumulated stakes or cash in the competition, lottery, or game.

The value of the jackpot increases a small amount each and every time that the game is played…which means that the prize increases the longer it takes for someone to win the ‘pot’.

So, when used in English phrases expressions like ‘hit the jackpot’, it means that someone has been quite lucky.

Pronunciation of the Vocabulary Word ‘Jackpot’

‘jak-“pät (pronunciation source)

Origins of the English Phrases Expressions ‘To Hit The Jackpot’

The ‘pot’ refers to the ‘money that is up for grabs’ in a game of poker. So, a ‘jackpot’ refers to the betting pool in a version of draw poker in which a pair of jacks or higher were required to start betting. The person holding the jacks could require other players to bet against them or drop out of the game.

Playing poker this way was intended to “jack up” the competition and increase the value of the pot. So, you could gain a rich ‘pot’ or a lot of money by hitting the jackpot. Read more about these English phrases expressions here.

Explanation of How To Use These English Phrases Expressions

You now know that this expression refers very lucky people who win lots of money that accumulates in the jackpot or lottery. So, let’s take this a bit further. You can associate these English phrases expressions as referring to someone who is very lucky and successful at what they set out to accomplish.

If you want to say that someone is very lucky or became very successful in a short period of time, then you can say that they ‘hit the jackpot’

Examples Using These English Phrases Expressions

  • We hit the jackpot last night and came back with a lot of extra money.
  • Joe hit the jackpot in the lottery last week.
  • I really wanted a large apartment with a huge pool, and I really hit the jackpot with this one.
  • Congratulations! You really hit the jackpot at work last week with that new promotion.

Using The Expression ‘Hit The Jackpot’ – Conversation Dialogue  with English Phrases Expressions

Okay. So, now let’s put these English phrases expressions all together for you in a sample ESL dialogue using the idiomatic expression ‘hit the jackpot’ so you can see how native speakers would use this expression in a normal conversation.

Mark: Well, how did it go?

Sally: Great! They love our site and want to sponsor us.

Mark: That’s awesome! How much will they give us?

Sally: Believe it or not, everything we asked for! 1.5 million dollars.

Mark:Wow! We really hit the jackpot.

Great! So, now go back and practice the dialogue with a friend until it sounds smooth and natural and you feel comfortable with English phrases expressions like ‘hit the jackpot’. Then, get out there and look for conversations where you can use English phrases expressions like this.

Synonyms for this Expression in English

Here are some English phrases expressions that you can use instead of ‘hit the jackpot’ to express yourself in more ways:

break the bank, clean up, hit the mark, make a killing, score, strike it rich, luck out

So, there you have it folks! A quick lesson on the use of ‘hit the jackpot’ as one of the many English phrases expressions in the English language. I hope you enjoyed it. Leave your feedback in the comments below and let us know what you think which will help us improve these English phrases expressions lessons.

If you have any questions about these or other English phrases expressions…you can leave those in the comments below as well.

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