English Vocabulary Lesson – Dearth with Sample Sentences

Learn how to pronounce and use the word “Dearth” in English to expand your vocabulary and increase your examination scores on college entrance tests like the TOEFL. You’ll hear several samples sentences to master the correct use of these words so you can start speaking with them immediately.


Learning new words is important so you can understand what you hear in English and so you can star speaking. By expanding your English vocabulary you will understand more of what you hear.

How can you speak if you don’t know the right vocabulary words to say in English to express yourself?

If you want to be a better English speaker by speaking more fluently and improving your pronunciation to reduce your accent, then this series of videos will help you learn new words and how to pronounce these vocabulary words correctly.


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5 Step V.O.C.A.B. System To Expand Your English Vocabulary – Here are the videos to learn new English vocabulary words to overcome the 3 main problems English students face learning new words

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