ESL Music Worksheet: Stand By Me

Alright! Rockin’ with song in English. A great way to improve your English listening skills…and fluency as well. (Veja a aula em português de Stand By Me na XOKenglish)

This song is called ‘Stand By Me’. It’s a classic…an oldie but a gooodie…which means it is pretty well known. And because it’s a slow song…it should be really easy for you to learn.

So, take advantage of the ESL exercise below to learn new vocabulary in English, develop your listening skills and oral comprehension.

Original Version of Stand By Me

Watch Stand Be Me on Youtube

This song has been recorded and covered by over 400 famous artists. But the original version was sung by Ben E. King and the Drifters.

Songs In English – PDF English Exercise To Download And Print Off

Okay! So, here is the ESL music worksheet that we prepared for you to go along with this song. Just download the PDF and print it off below.

Music In English – More Videos of Stand By Me

Here you’ll find some other versions of the same song that are on Youtube. Listen to the different version and see which one you prefer singing.

Ben E. King Singing Stand By Me Live

Watch Stand Be Me Live on Youtube

This video was recorded with Ben E. King singing it love. Watch the people dancing in the background. It’s super-funny.

John Lennon’s Cover – Stand By Me

Watch Stand Be Me by John Lennon on Youtube

This is another version of ‘Stand By Me’ as sung by John Lennon. Now, whether or not you love or hate the Beatles…there influence has touched the musical world abroad and helped to popularize this song in English.

Playing For Change Worldwide Version

Watch Stand Be Me by Playing for Change on Youtube

I loved this version of ‘Stand By Me’. It’s uber-cool because it’s sung by various artists scattered across the world in over 10 different countries.

Stand By Me – Kinetic Typography Version

Watch Stand Be Me Kinectic Typography version on Youtube

Here’s a video of Stand By Me with the lyrics right on screen so you can easily follow along and sing with the video.

Karaoke Version of Stand By Me

Sing Along with Stand Be Me on Youtube

This video doesn’t actually have any singing. Just the melody and the lyrics on screen so you can sing it karaoke style. – Stand By Me

Do you like singing Karaoke? If so, then check out this interactive version of Stand By Me. Sing it, record it, and compete against other singers on the site.

Músicas Em Inglês - Stand By Me

Lyrics Training – Stand By Me

You can also have fun with this exercise on [Lyrcis Training][exercise] with interactive games in different levels. Choose your English level and try to complete the song by filling in the blank with the right vocabulary word.

Okay! I hope you enjoyed these exercises and resources that we’ve provided for you here with this song. Take advantage of it…and if you find other awesome ESL material to go along with it…post them in the comments below.

Also, if you have any questions or comments…make sure to add them in the comments below as well.

More ESL Resources To Help You

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Play Stand By Me On Your Guitar – I’ve been learning how to play ‘Stand By Me’ on the guitar. So, I’ve collected some nice tutorials and lessons that I’ve been learning. You can learn how to play Stand By Me on your guitar with me.

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