Grammar Mini-Story #1 – Joe Goes To China – Learn English

Do you know how to join words and form sentences in English? Many students have problems forming sentences when speaking.

They don’t know the right verb tense, sentence structure, or grammar point to use. But this is easy to resolve when you practice with grammar mini-stories.

You can use these sentences as models to form your own sentences when you speak.

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Watch the Grammar Mini-story on Youtube if you can’t see the video player above. 

Grammar mini-story lessons are a powerful way to master speaking in the correct grammar tenses.

Just follow the same 12 steps to develop all the key skills you need to be fluent.

But the real power comes from using it to develop your speaking skills.

Compare the grammar mini-story with the orignal mini-story

Then check out the Question and Answer Mini-story to practice forming your own answers when you speak English.

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