How Can We Learn English – 7 Ways To Learn English

Lots of students have been asking me, “How can we learn English?” like it’s really difficult to find ways to learn and practice the English language. However, it’s not really because there are at least 90 different ways to learn English online. But I always recommend that ESL students like you, find ways to learn English that are fun and enjoyable.

How Can We Learn English With A Daily English Praxis

So, today we are gonna talk about seven ways to learn English and practice your language skills. You can add them to your Daily English Praxis just like we talked about in the ‘How To Learn English’ article about the P.L.A.N.E. English method.

#1: Listen To Music In English

Listening to music is something most English students already enjoy. So, listen to more songs in English. Listen carefully, pay attention to the lyrics, and sing along. Soon, you’ll be singing songs in English and understand what you are listening to which will help your listening abilities.

#2: Follow A Drama Or Comedy Series In English

You probably already enjoy watching TV series anyway, so why not watch them in English? If you think you’ll have trouble understanding what you hear, then use subtitles for a while. Pay attention to the dialogues and the way the actors are speaking in English. That way you can learn to speak spoken English and express yourself better.

#3: Read A Book Or Comic Every Month In English

Reading in English is a great way to increase your vocabulary. Write down the new words you are learning in a notebook. You will also learn new ways to use the words you already know in English as you see how it is used in other contexts and situations.

#4: Visit An English Speaking Forum Every Day

Join an English forum like UsingEnglish or EnglishForums where you can make new friends to practice your English with as you grow your Personal English Network. You’ll learn from the questions other ESL students have. And you’ll also improve your writing skills as you post in the forum.

#5: Listen To A Podcast About Something You Like In English

Find topics you like in iTunes or other podcast directories to subscribe to podcasts in English. These can be podcasts you like about learning English…or you can look for podcasts in English about other topics you enjoy like sports, hobbies, politics, etc. Listen to each episode to  improve your English.

#6: Play Video Games In English

How Can We Learn English Yes, you can learn English by playing video games. I know several English mavens who learned English this way. And I’ve even had people stop me in the street and ask me what a phrase means in English so they can get to the next level.

#7: Join An English Speaking Course (And Attend It Regularly)

Okay! So, this last idea might not be as fun as watching movies and listening to music, however, can have fun in a classroom. And besides, you’ll meet new people you wouldn’t have known otherwise and make new friends to practice your English.

Or you could also join an online speaking English course to get English learning material and lessons like the one we’ve created for our English students with lots of English lessons and mini-stories to speak spoken English and improve your skills.

How Can We Learn English Conclusion

So, there you have it! You now have seven simple…yet powerful and fun ways to learn English. And if you want more, don’t worry…because we have a whole lot more coming to you here soon to help those who have been asking ‘How can we learn English’.

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