How Can We Learn English Successfully?

In this video we’ll answer the big question ‘how can we learn English?’ that everyone is asking. Here are the PDF worksheets we mention in the video to download and print off.

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How Can We Learn English?

This is the second video in the PLANE English series. In this video, I’ll be talking about three areas you must cover to create a solid plan that you can follow English successfully.

I’ve also included 3 PDF worksheets that you can download and fill out as you watch the video. Once you finish watching the video and completing your own worksheets, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an English maven.

You can see the original How Can We Learn English article here.


  1. Meas savong says:

    Dear Sir! I am really really happy after I read worksheet and watched your video. It help me very much for learning beneficially better communication. I hope I will get some lesson more from you and I want to say thanks. Thank a million!

  2. jefferson silva says:

    I’m Brazilian.
    I have one question Sir.
    I’ve been studying English for about two years, so i still feel pain in my soft palato when i speak English, . speaking portuguese it is ok.
    Is this normal? have you ever heard something like?
    obs: I got some informations about how to stop nasal sounds and i’m trying to practice it since I started studying.

    • Hey Jefferson…that is really strange! I’m not doctor…so I can’t give medical advice. However…since you only feel the pain when you speak English…it may just be that you are forcing your voice too much when you speak English…just like singers do when they sing to high and too hard. You may not know that people’s voices change when they speak different languages. So, it may just be caused by the change in the way you put pressure on your soft palate.

    • Speaking of music…I’ve been studying a course called Sing With Freedom that talks about forcing your voice. Here is a link to a guy with pain and how he got better by learning to control the muscles he used in his voice when singing. You can watch the video at

  3. Hello there!!!Greetings from Taboão da Serra-SP!!How is it going? Hope you doing great… Awesome video!!!! Has been a long time waiting for these tips but finally i got them!! Dude, you just made my day…. That´s it was what i needed.. Thanks man!! God bless you and keep me on the lane!! Best regards.

    • That’s fantasic Itiel! Glad you finally got them…and that they made your day! Hey…just wait till you watch the next video…I mentioned you and read your previous comment on the video I just recorded here a bit ago. Stay tuned! 😉

  4. Oguz Guven says:

    Hi David 🙂
    Thanks for your sharing 🙂 It was very helpful. I follow you

  5. Hi David, dear
    Thanks for your sharing. Thank a million!,

  6. IDontUnderstandEnglish says:

    Pero la pregunta es … ¿cómo se puede aprender inglés si me hablas en inglés y no te puedo entender?

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