How Do You Speak English? Speaking Exercises To Improve Your English

This video answers the question: “How do you speak English?”…where I’ll share a series of audio exercises you can use to improve your speaking skills. Practice these English exercises as part of your Daily Praxis to speak spoken English fluently and proficiently. Download and print off the English Exercise Model Worksheet

Watch How Do You Speak English on Youtube

How Do You Speak English – Exercises To Improve Your Speaking

These exercises will help you speak spoken English by improving your pronunciation and reducing your accent. Each of these drills will help you speak in English more fluently and proficiently. So, download the worksheet and watch the video to speak better English.


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    • Actually I’m not, Helder. That boat belongs to a friend of mine. But I’m sorry to hear your favorite team got demoted to the second division. My friend was sad too…but hopefully they will come back up soon.

  2. bad tast you got..::-)……

  3. This method seems to me the right way to study English, so I will try your P.L.A.N.E. English Worksheet, Thanks for your class!

  4. Please, help me to find the translation in portuguese or in english from this important vídeo to me.

  5. ya doin?well,thank for another…David,dude is typical word of states virginia and california of sigfic ‘friend’?my pronounce is more or less in momet ……thank’s teacher for another…
    David,neste curso vamos aprender os fonemas da lingua inglesa?desculpa pelo o meu pessimo ingles……kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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