How Do You Speak English?

Today I want to teach you 3 distinct phases of learning to speak English like a maven. See, a lot of students have been asking me, “How do you speak English?” And I understand where they are coming from. Learning to speak spoken English can seem like a really difficult to the beginning English student.

That’s because most English students study lots of grammar and are good translators. However, when they meet a real person, they are not able to speak in English and talk with others. And there is a very simple reason for that. I’ll explain why that is a bit later and how you can start speaking English today. But for now let’s look at the problem first to help you understand what is going on so you know how to improve English.

How Do You Speak English See, there are several distinct problems that the average English student faces when they want to learn how to speak in English. First they have trouble putting the words in the correct order when forming their sentences to speak proficiently. Then they have to know how to pronounce the words correctly so they are understood. And of course, they have to be able to say everything smoothly and fluently in the English speaking language.

So, our objective here is to help you overcome each of the difficulties if you are asking ‘how do you speak English’, using a simple three step process to develop your speaking skills and improve your English…in a way that’s almost like learning how to sing a new song.

Is Speaking In English Difficult For You?

What most English students don’t understand is that learning to speak in English is a habit that has to be developed just like any other. Learning how to speak in English is just like building muscles when you work out at the gym.

Imagine a guy went to the gym and only lifted weights with his right arm. What would his left arm look like? That’s right. His right arm would grow and be really strong, but his left arm would be skinny and really weak.

And that’s exactly what many English students do when they want to know how to learn and speak English. They read many books and learn how to read well. They do written exercises and learn how to write in English. However, they are embarrassed to speak and afraid of making mistakes. So, they rarely…if ever develop their speaking skills. They don’t do many speaking exercises. And they never talk in English with other people.

They say that they will learn English first…and then start to speak. However, since speaking is a skill that has to be developed, they never reach the point where they feel comfortable to start talking in English on line or off.

Think about how you learned to speak your mother-tongue. Did you learn how to speak first or did you learn how to read first? That’s right! You learned how to speak first. Then your mother and father put you in school where you learned how to read and write. And you can do the same thing to learn in English. You don’t have to learn how to read well before you start speaking in English.

You can start speaking English right from day 1 of your English learning. You can start speaking in English today if you want. You just have to start saying and using the words and sentences you know. The sooner you start speaking in English, the faster you will learn the language. And you can do it in 3 simple steps just like you learn to sing songs.

Learning To Speak In English Is Like Learning To Sing A Song

Imagine you’re driving down the highway in a car with your friend while listening to the radio. The windows are down and the wind is blowing through your hair. Suddenly a new song comes on that you’ve never heard before. And it’s like the best song you have ever heard. You love the new song. You really want to learn it. So what do you do?

You immediately have your friend drive to the nearest music store where you buy the album with the song you just heard. You go home and play the song again, and it sounds even better than before. So, you listen to it several more times. While listening to the song, you read along with the lyrics. After a while, then you start singing along with the album. You keep singing and practicing until you learn it well. Finally, after lots of you can sing the song without listening to the album. And of course, all your friends are amazed when they hear you singing the song.

Could you sing the song perfectly after listening to the song the first time? No, of course not – at least not unless you are a very talented musician. You had to listen to the song, and then imitate what you heard over and over until you can finally sing the song and produce it on your own.

How Do You Speak English In 3 Phases

So, learning English is just like learning a new song. You have to listen to the new words and sounds you are learning several times to master them. You may hear many new vocabulary words or sounds for the first time that you won’t be able to repeat immediately.

You will need to listen to them several times. And then you will have to practice those new words, sounds, or phrases by imitating them as well. Then you have to keep practicing until you can say them smoothly and develop fluency.

Once you learn them, you can produce what you learn on your own in real conversations when you talk and speak with other people in English. So, let’s look at each of these three phases in more detail to help you understand how to learn English online with podcasts so you can start speaking in English today.

Phase #1: Listen To The Audio To Learn The Pronunciation

The first thing you need to do is find a recording with the words and phrases, grammar structures, pronunciations, or idiomatic expressions that you want to learn and practice.

One simple way to get audio files for you English learning needs is to look for podcasts with transcripts you can read along with. Mini-stories are also great because you learn your new vocabulary words in contexts you can understand and visualize.

If you are just starting off, that means you should look for small texts or even children’s stories that include audio to learn English online. However, if you are more advanced, you can look for material that is appropriate for your English level. You could look for podcasts related to specific themes.

For example, if you want to develop vocabulary about food, then you could look for podcasts related to cooking, farming, etc. Try to find several that are related to a similar theme. Then you can hear those new words and phrases in different contexts.

Mini-stories are also an awesome way to learn English because telling stories is how we communicate with other people. We often tell stories to other people when you are talking with them. You tell them what you did yesterday or what you plan on doing tomorrow.

So, telling stories is a natural form of communication. There also very easy to understand and relate to as well. That’s one of the reasons I use the English mini-stories in our speaking English course to teach our VIP students at EXLenglish.

Now, once you have your audio…go ahead and listen to it a few times to familiarize yourself with the words, sentence structures and pronunciation sounds. See how much you understand. Then look over your transcript and underline the words you don’t understand or that don’t make sense.

Use an English dictionary to learn the new vocabulary. Study the sentence structures and use your grammar book to understand them. Fill out your English lesson worksheets that you may have downloaded with the audio.

You can also do some pronunciation training with the audio. Listen to more texts with related themes to understand how the words you are learning are being used in different situations and contexts.

Phase #2: Imitate What You Are Learning And Speak English

Now, that you have listened to the audio several times, you are ready to start imitating or mimicking what you heard. This will provide you with the support you need to learn to use the new words and sentence structures. It will also allow you to practice the correct pronunciation of the sounds you are learning in English.

Start off by listening to a short phrase from the audio. Then hit the pause button. Now repeat what you just heard. Then go back and listen to the same phrase again to see if you pronounced the words and said the phrases correctly. Practice listening to the phrase and imitating it until you can say it comfortably.

You don’t have to try saying the whole sentence either. If the sentence is too long for you to say comfortably, then you can chop the sentences down into smaller chunks of two or three sections. Practice those small sections until you feel comfortable repeating them. Then go back and try saying the whole sentence.

Continue working through the audio phrase by phrase. Make note of any sentences or phrases that you have trouble saying. That way you can come back later and practice them again. You don’t have to go back through the whole audio file. Just focus on reviewing the phrases that give you the most trouble. If you have a written transcript, it will help you a lot because you can underline or mark highlight the most difficult phrases for later review.

You can even use an audio program like Audacity to create simple drills to practice and improve on your own. Just use the copy and paste function to separate the text to make you practice time easier.

If you have an English teacher, you can ask them to create exercises like this from the lessons they teach you. Or even a friend who speaks English well can record simple texts for you to practice with later.

There are at least 16 different exercises you can create with the audio files. I’ve created a  worksheet with these exercises for you to model as well called ‘Exercise Model To Learn And Practice English’. You can download a PDF copy to save on your hardrive.

Or, if you don’t want to have to got through the trouble of creating your own or worry about finding someone to help you out you can join the EXLenglish VIP Club. We’ve already created several exercises to go along with each of the mini-story lessons for you.

You can find some sample audio exercises on the blog as well.

Phase #3: Produce Spoken English On Your Own

Alright! Keep listening to your audio until you are able to produce the vocabulary and pronunciation sounds on your own. Once you’ve mastered saying the words and phrases you’ve been listening to, you will be ready to go out and use it as needed to communicate and express yourself with other people.

So, go back and say the text or tell the story out loud on your own. Now, you don’t have to memorize it word-for-word. But after having listened to it so many times, you should understand the basic idea of the text or story. So, just go ahead and summarize it in your own words.

If it’s still difficult, then just read the text out loud…but without listening to the audio. Try saying it on your own. Make note of the words or phrases you still can’t say correctly. Then go back and keep practicing them till you can say them smoothly.

Once you finally feel comfortable with the things you have been learning, it’s time to go out and activate everything you’ve learned today. That means you go out and tell someone what you’ve been learning.

You can try telling them your new story, or telling them about the text. Use the new words and phrases you are learning as much as possible while you are talking to them. That way you will be practicing them a lot and reinforcing what you are learning. Do this with several people in your Personal English Network.

How Do You Speak English Like A Maven?

If you do this every day, you will begin to speak English well in a short amount of time. Most English students are afraid to speak in English. But just remember that speaking the language is just a skill you have to develop. Just learning to bounce a basketball or kick a soccer ball in the right direction. The more you do it, the better you will get.

So, the sooner you start talking with other people, the faster you will learn to speak English like a maven. I know you may be nervous about making mistakes or pronouncing something incorrectly. But realize that making mistakes is the fastest way to learn because when someone corrects you, you will learn how to speak English correctly.

If you let people know that you are an English student, they will be willing to help you. Just say, “Hey! I’m an English student so feel free to correct me if I make any mistakes.” And then continue on with whatever you were going to say.

If you’re still nervous about this or still asking how do you speak English from day 1 then take a look at Benny’s Language Hacking Guide that shows you how to start speaking in English from day 1 when you first start learning to speak the English language. Or if you want to improve you pronunciation and reduce your accent…take a look at the American Accent Audio Course.

And especially use Learn English Mini-stories to follow along with the 3 simple steps we went over above of listening to the stories, imitating what you hear, and producing the stories on your own. Here are some sites where you can get mini-stories.

Remember that practice makes perfect and permanent! The more you practice English the better you’ll speak spoken English. Practice speaking spoken English frequently and practice speaking in English a lot…starting today!

P.S. There are lots of ways to learn English and prepare ahead of time before you start speaking with real people. We’ll be sharing more awesome English tips with you here…so sign up on the blog and newsletter to stay posted.

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