How I Learned New Vocabulary Words When Studying Portuguese By Reading Magazines

When I started learning Portuguese as a second language…I watched lots of television. This helped me develop my listening skills and understand what people said so I could speak with them. But I still felt frustrated because…

How I Improved My Vocabulary To Understand And Speak Portuguese

I realized that many times I wouldn’t understand what someone was saying because of one word that I didn’t know.

And other times I couldn’t express myself because I didn’t have the vocabulary needed to say a word I wanted.

So, I started reading magazines. I would read several articles and underline all the words I didn’t know.

I was pleased when I sensed my vocabulary was growing more…which allowed me to understand more of what I heard in conversations.

It also helped me to express myself with the new words I could say to express myself properly.

And soon, many of my Brazilian friends came around asking me to help them learn English.

Watch this next video to discover how I started teaching English and some of the very same…

Vocabulary Tips I’ve Been Sharing With My English Students For The Past 15 Years

I started teaching English to a small group of people in a Sunday School classroom.

So, I started this blog and recorded a few videos to help my students.

And then even more people started calling me from all over the world asking for help.

English students who lived abroad in countries like the USA, Canada, and Japan.

So, I started sharing some of my lessons and material online like the ones you can get at the VIP English Club

These were the same lessons I taught to my students in the classroom.

I just recorded them for my ESL students to study at home…and then made them available for others as well.

But I wanted to find ways to improve my teaching skills and help my students learn more efficiently.

I wanted to feel like a student again…so I started studying French.

It was an amazing experience that allowed me to test all kinds of methods, courses, and learning techniques.

In the next video…you’ll discover…

How I Learned New Words To Improve My Vocabulary When Learning French

When I started learning French…this is what I did.

In the morning I would go jogging and listen to a French audio course like Pimsleur or Michael Thomas.

Then, after breakfast and a shower…I would read and listen to something in French using the Integrated Learning System I’ll explain later in another post.

During the day…I studied online French courses like Duolingo and Busuu.

And of course, I listened to a lot of French music as well.

At the end of the day…I would visit social networks, online communities, and forums to build my speaking network.

I would try speaking French and using the new vocabulary words that I was learning. This was scary but a lot of fun.

Then I would try to study some more with video clips like the ones at Yabbla.

But if I was really tired, I just watched French movies. There are some great French movies.

Then at the end of the week, I would take a French test to see how I was progressing.

Anyway…I made it to level B1 in about 6 months.

It was an amazing experience.

I hope you liked this post and found it helpful.

If you have any questions…just leave a comment below.

And please feel free to share this post and these videos with your family and friends.

I appreciate you helping us spread the word to other people who want to learn new vocabulary words.

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