How To Count Numbers In English

Would you like to learn how to count in English? In this first video you’ll learn how to count from one to a billion in English. Then watch the other videos to practice specific numbers that you find difficult to pronounce. Listen and repeat along with me to practice your pronunciation and improve your English speaking. Watch this video below:

Here are some of the numbers from the video

  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Four
  • Five
  • Six
  • Seven
  • Eight
  • Nine
  • Ten
  • Eleven
  • Twelve
  • Thirteen
  • Fourteen
  • Fifteen
  • Sixteen
  • Seventeen
  • Eighteen
  • Nineteen
  • Twenty
  • Thirty
  • Forty
  • Fifty
  • Sixty
  • Seventy
  • Eighty
  • Ninety
  • Hundred
  • Thousand
  • Million
  • Billion

How To Count To Ten In English [With Phrases]

Do you know how to pronounce the numbers from zero to ten correctly in English? Let’s practice your pronunciation as you listen and repeat these sentences along with me. Pay close attention to the pronunciation of the number three as it has the ‘Th’ and the ‘R’ sound right together in the video below:

Here are some of the phrases from the video:

  • Zero – He has zero dollars in his pocket [He is broke]
  • One – He is number 1
  • Two – I have two daughters
  • Three – He has three sons
  • Four – He bought four presents for me
  • Five – He has five cars
  • Six – He received six presents for his birthday
  • Seven – He is seven years old
  • Eight – Yesterday, he ate eight cheeseburgers
  • Nine – The cat has nine lives
  • Ten – We have ten numbers on the board

Now let’s move on and learn…

How To Count To From Ten To Twenty In English?

Do you know how to pronounce the ‘Teen’ numbers from ten to twenty in English? Some English students have trouble differentiating between numbers like twelve and twenty. Others have trouble pronouncing thirteen and thirty differently. So watch the video below:

Here’s how to spell the numbers ten – twenty in this video:

  • Ten
  • Eleven
  • Twelve
  • Thirteen
  • Fourteen
  • Fifteen
  • Sixteen
  • Seventeen
  • Eighteen
  • Nineteen
  • Twenty

Pay particular attention at the end on the difference between numbers like fourteen and forty.

How To Count To 100 In English

Do you know how to count to 100 in English? Do you find it difficult to say complex numbers like 36 or 89? If so, watch this video to review the main numbers counting by tens as well as practice mixing them up with the numbers we looked at in the previous videos.

Here’s how to write the numbers counted by tens from the video:

  • 10 – Ten
  • 20 – Twenty
  • 30 – Thirty
  • 40 – Forty
  • 50 – Fifty
  • 60 – Sixty
  • 70 – Seventy
  • 80 – Eighty
  • 90 – Ninety
  • 100 – One Hundred

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