How To Improve Your English Pronunciation

Do you struggle with English pronunciation of words?

Because we’ve got a great question about the difficulty of speaking.

“Well, my worst problem is speaking and it´s difficult is due to pronunciation. This kind of struggle isn´t related to difficulties to learn but to the ability of being able to produce or reproduce using our own words to communicate.” – Crislaine

So, I want to share a tip on how you can improve your pronunciation and reduce your accent.

This is something I learned from…

A Brazilian Student Who Had Perfect Pronunciation

I was in São Paulo working as a translator.

And I met a man who I thought was American because his English was so good.

So, when he told me he was Brazilian, I was shocked.

I asked him how long he had lived in the United States.

He said he had never lived abroad.

I was amazed.

So, I asked him how he learned such perfect English. He told me his ‘secret’ for…

How To Develop A Perfect Accent In English

He told me that his secret was watching old Western movies with John Wayne.

And there were 3 things that he did to ‘correct’ and improve his pronunciation

  1. He said what the actors were going to say and tried to imitate their accent.
  2. He listened to what the actors said and see if he pronounced everything correctly.
  3. Then he repeated what the actor said again, this time correcting any mistakes.

This way, he would consistently improve his mistakes and improve his pronunciation.

Little by little he would reduce his accent until he spoke perfect English.

And You Can Do This To Improve Your Pronunciation Too

You can use any material that you already have to apply these 3 steps. You can use

  • movies
  • series
  • dialogues
  • video clips
  • music or
  • mini-stories

You can find some mini-stories free on the blog to help you improve your pronunciation

  1. Just pause the video and read the text.
  2. Then listen to me say it.
  3. After that you say it again and correct your pronunciation mistakes.

Little by little you can improve your English pronunciation every day.

And if you want more lessons…you can get 48 mini-stories, lessons, exercises and dialogues in the VIP English Club

16 Exercises To Improve Your English Pronunciation

I recorded a video to teach you 16 speaking exercises you can use to improve your pronunciation too.

Watch the video and practice the exercises.

And you can download the free worksheet on 16 audio exercises to improve your pronunciation.

It’s a free PDF you can download.

You can also get 3 new exercises every week to practice your pronunciation with the mini-stories in the VIP English Club

Now, I know a lot of people want to the sounds of the letters. And if there is a rule to know the correct pronunciation.

So, tomorrow I’ll tell you how to learn the pronunciation of the letters in English.


And make sure to watch my video on 12 steps to improve your English with mini-stories.

Pronunciation is only one of the necessary skills you need to develop for complete fluency.

And in this video I teach you how to develop all your English skills evenly.

Warm Regards,
David A. Bailey, Jr

P.S. I’ll also tell you a 2 secret places to get feedback on your pronunciation and a tool you can use to improve.

P.P.S. If you have questions, you want me to answer…just leave a comment below so I can answer it for you in a future email or post.

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