How To Improve Your English Speaking With An Alien!

Recognize this little guy? Did you know he can help you improve your English speaking?


Okay, he can’t exactly. He’s just the little alien from Reddit!

But you can give your English speaking skills a BIG boost on a site like this.

See, Reddit is a crazy little site, where lots of people interact from all over the world.

But there are lots of people just like you who want to improve their English at Reddit.

And even though Reddit is not an English Learning site…they have some amazing resources and tools that can help you improve your English.

So, today I want to show you how to use Reddit to:

  • Meet other English students like yourself like the French girl and Brazilian girls you’ll see below
  • Find native English speakers who will speak with you for free like this man who offers to help people with their English
  • Where to find pen pals, video pals, study pals to speak English with using the links below
  • Participate in English speaking challenges to improve your skills
  • And how to attract the best people who can help you achieve results

Let’s jump in and I’ll give you a quick overview of Reddit.

BTW…it’s a big place, and very easy to get lost. So, stick close to me.

What Is Reddit?

Reddit is basically a place for you to share articles, pictures, and videos of things that you find interesting.

Then other users can vote it up if they like it or down if they don’t.

Ultimately, the most interesting content gets voted to the home page.

What Is Reddit?

And as you may have guessed by now, there are lots of resources and articles for the English learner like yourself.

But what really makes Reddit interesting are the comments and communication that goes on.

And you can use it to find people you can speak with in English to practice with and develop your speaking skills

How To Learn English On Reddit

See, Reddit organizes interests and topics into ‘subreddits’. And there are several powerful ‘subreddits’ for language learners like you from all over the world.

There are subreddits for language leaning in general. And there are subreddits for learning a specific language…like English.

So, even if you are in a general language learning subreddit, you can still search to find those are specifically related to learning English.

languagelearning  search results

Let me show you a few great subreddits for learning a new language.

How To Learn A Language On Reddit

The Language Learning Subreddit is for anybody interested in learning another language.

Whether you are just starting, speak more than one language as a polyglot, or even a total language geek, this is the place for you!

You’ll find lots of content related to language learning and linguistics…and you can see that there are over 53,675 people subscribed to this subreddit right now.


And you’ll even find a complete listing of many different kinds of language courses and material to improve your language learning skills here

How To Filter Out Topics To ‘Learn English’ On Reddit

After looking through the general links, you can filter out everything that’s not related to leaning English here

This will only show you the ‘reddits’ and posts that have been created by other English learners.

And you can also find a section just for English Students in the Language Learning Resources

This is the same page as the one mentioned above…but there is a section just for English learners too.

And there are even subreddits just for learning English.

How To Learn English On Reddit

The English Learning subreddit  is a place for people learning English to ask questions about English grammar, syntax, vocabulary, and the like.

You can find all kinds of information about learning English here at all different levels.

And you can even ask people to proofread and correct your comments in the ‘Correct My Comment’ subreddit

How To Find People You Can Speak English With

If you’ve read my P.L.A.N.E. English Method post about How To Learn And Speak English With Your Personal English Network‘…

Then you already know that I recommend that you find and develop a speaking relationship with at least 12 other people.

That way, you can talk to several people every day.

If you only have one friend…and you call them every day, they will get irritated with you.

If you have too many friends and only talk to them once a year, you won’t develop a good, deep relationship.

It’s important for your English to speak and practice every day.

So, if you have 12 friends, you can talk to 2 or 3 everyday…and still talk to everyone a few times each week.

How To Develop Your Personal English Network On Reddit

There are many people on reddit from other countries who also want to improve their language skills.

And just like you, they are looking for people to speak English with as well.

So, let’s look at two subreddits where you can meet these people and develop a relationship with them to add them to your Personal English Network.

And I’m going to show you how to properly structure your post so it doesn’t get deleted by the moderators and find your new language learning friends.

Subreddit 1: The Langauge Exchange

The Language Exchange is a great place to find others to practice your new language skills! Speaking, writing, whatever you like.

There you can write a post with information about

  • the languages you’d like to practice
  • languages you can help with and
  • the sort of interaction you’re interested in

Or you can just message people with compatible interests.

You can get to know people and develop relationships with them so you can practice and speak English.

If you know a language well and just want to speak or write it with others without wanting anything in return, you’re more than welcome to offer.

Initially, just use this subreddit as a place to find people to talk/write with in languages you’re learning or languages you know well.

Later, you can set up more specific guidelines about what you are looking for.

Subreddit 2: Language Buds

The Language Buds is another subreddit to set up a language exchange.

It’s a little more specific than the Language Exchange.

And the idea is to pair up with people who are

  • studying the language you want to learn
  • are native speakers of the language you want to learn
  • and want to learn languages that you speak

So, all you have to do is look for people who speak English and want to learn your language.

Then you can hook up and start helping each other out.

How To Write Your Posts To Find The Right English Speakers To Talk To

When you write a post on one of these language exchange programs, it’s important to set the right expectations…

  • The language you want to learn (in this case English)
  • The level of your English (basic, intermediate, advanced, or A1 – C2 if you know what the CEFR is)
  • Your native language and other languages you speak or our learning

Here is an example of someone who speaks English and Arabic who wants to learn German.

So, if you speak German and wanted to learn Arabic or English, this would be a great person to practice your language skills with.

Examples of People Looking To Speak English

Now, I know that for a lot of you…it may be difficult to imagine yourself actually finding people to speak English with…especially native English speakers.

But it’s totally possible, and I want to show you examples of real people who are doing this right now on Reddit.

French Girl Wants To Find Someone To Speak English

Here is a perfect example of a French girl who wants to speak English with a native English speaker on Reddit:

Hi ! I’m french and I would like to improve my english talking to native english speakers. (I cut out some things here) Anyway, I’d be glad to talk about France or learn someone french in return.

But this is perfect for someone like her and I…because last year I studied a bit of French. So, she could help me learn French.

And in return, I could help her practice her English speaking.

Here is another one…

Brazilian Girl wants to Learn English

This girl is Brazilian and is looking for people to practice her English.

Hi! I’m Camila and I’m from a small town of the state of Rio de Janeiro. I’ve been looking for people from other countries that has english as official language that I can talk to, so I can test my English and learn more about it. And maybe I can teach a thing or two about Brazil haha. I hope this isn’t so bad. I’m new here :/

Now, you might think that native English speakers might not respond.

But take a look at some of the replies that she got.

Here is one from Chelsea in the USA

My name is Chelsea, I’m 21 and from the US. I used to have 2 fairly close friends that were foreign exchange students from Brazil, but we’ve lost touch over the years. If you’re interested, I’d be more than willing to help you practice your English! Maybe you can teach me a little Portuguese too! 🙂 Message me if you are interested.

And here is another from Danny in the USA

My name is danny im 21 from the us. Iv always wanted to explore the world/learn about different cultures. Maybe we can teach each other a thing or two!

And it’s not just about people who want to learn your language.

Sometimes, people will do it just to help you out.

American Man Offers Free English Via Skype

This man lost his job and had some free time. So he offered to help out anyone who sends him a message.

Amazingly, only 3 people have accepted his help so far.

But if you go to the post, you can still see his Skype name.

I don’t know if he is still available to do this.

But you can find people like him who are willing to speak English with you and help you learn the language.

So, now let’s drill down and look at where you can find…

More Places To Meet English Speakers And Develop Your Personal English Network On Reddit

You’ve already seen several major subreddits where you can learn and practice your English skills.

But we are barely scratching the surface.

There is still so much more.

Let me show you a few subreddits for finding pen pals, video pals, and study pals.

Pen Pals Subreddit To Improve Your English

There is a subreddit just for finding Pen Pals

Learning English is always more fun when you can use it to converse with others and have fun.

Just don’t take yourself too seriously.

And if thinking about speaking English makes you nervous, take a look at these 21 Tips To Speak English Confidently

Just remember to use common sense when you are talking with people.

And try to be as polite as possible.

You can find English speaking Pen Pals here.

Video Pals Subreddit To Improve Your English Speaking

The Video Pals Subreddit is the place to make face-to-face connections with other English learning and speaking redditors from around the world.

Whether you are looking for intelligent discussion, a workout buddy, a group of people to play D&D with, or just some new friends to keep in touch with, you can find it here!

Watch a few videos to understand what others do in their own videos.

Videopals 24 – Small Update?

And here is a video from another Redditor Video Pal to give you an idea of what people say and what you can talk about in your videos.


Then, record and post your own videos speaking English!

And you can comment, communicate and have fun with other video pals.

You can do it and improve your English speaking!

David, What Can I Talk About?

If you don’t know what to talk about…here is a big list of things you can talk about to get you started.

Or you can join these themes and topics here

Just a choose a topic that interests you and find other people’s videos to watch.

Then create your own English Speaking videos.

It’s a great way to get feedback on your pronunciation so other people can help you improve your English speaking and reduce your accent.

Study Pals Subreddit To Study English With

Study Pals Subreddit is another great place to meet people who want to learn things together.

And since you are looking to learn English here…just use the search function to filter out everything not related to English.

It’s a nice place to start or join a study group.

Let’s Chat Subreddit To Talk English With Other Redditors

Let’s Chat and Casual Conversations other subreddits to find people who want to chat.

So, you can hook up with other people and make friends there.

Now, not everybody is there to learn a language or practice speaking English.

Many are there to make new friends, meet up, date, or just get to know other redditors.

But you can still talk about other topics that interest you…just do it in English.

So, write a post, tell a little bit about yourself and whether you’re looking to

  • have a new friend to chat with
  • wanting to do a little flirting or
  • just looking to have a small conversation for the moment (perhaps out of boredom).

And there you go!

A quick, little overview of how to use Reddit to learn and improve your English skills…

All while finding other people to speak English with and developing your Personal English Network.

Leave a comment and tell us which of these subreddits you liked best.

Or better yet…leave a post on Reddit and then link to it so other EXL English Members can interact with you and speak with you there.

Quick Question? Would you be interested in more training like this and help developing your Personal English Network? If so, just leave a comment below and let us know.  

More English Learning Resources

If you don’t feel confident yet to start speaking English, and want some English lessons, mini-stories, and dialogues to practice with to prepare for speaking English…take a look at the VIP English Club

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