How To Improve Your Listening Skills In English With Seven Simple Steps

Hey! I did something really stupid…and I need to make it right.

I’m still kicking myself for it…so, I have a very special offer for you.

See, a while back…many of English students like you wrote and told me that you biggest difficulty was understanding what they were listening to in English.

They were having trouble understanding what they heard in music, in movies, and while talking to other people.

So, I ended up talking to some of the more advanced English students that I knew to find out how they overcame this problem.

I ended up writing a report revealing a simple, seven-step process that anyone can follow to improve your listening skills quickly and easily.

And best of all…you can get all the audio you need to follow these seven steps for FREE!

These are some of the exact same steps I used to learn to speak a new language fluently…and you can do it too.

Well, the report was a huge success…and the students loved it.

But anyways…back to my stupidity. I just never got around to making the report available to any other students after that.

So, I decided to put it all up on the site and make it available to any English student that wants it at EXLaudio.

We are selling it for $27.00…but since you are one of my VIP students on this list…you can grab your special discounted copy today for only $7 at

It’s risk-free with our 100% satisfaction guarantee…or your money-back.

But you gotta hurry though because  this offer won’t last forever.

You can get more information about the report on how to improve your listening skills at

Warm Regards,
David A. Bailey, Jr

P.S. As a special bonus…the next 100 people to grab this report also get FREE access to the VIP English Club.

P.P.S. Nobody else will even know what this is until August 08, 2010 when we finally pull back the curtains. But you get free access right now…when you get this report




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