How To Learn In English

This is part 5 of ‘How To Learn In English‘. So, after reading the previous lesson on ‘How Can We Learn English’ about positive habits…

The big question in your mind now is probably gonna be ‘How can you develop these positive habits to speak fluent English?”.

So, to help you understand this…I want you to think about developing positive habits like a rocket taking off into outer space.

A rocket burns up most of its fuel when taking off so that it can reach a high enough speed to escape the pull of gravity. It burns very little fuel once it leaves the earth’s atmosphere.

And it’s the same way when with you when you are discovering how to learn in English and developing a new habit.

How To Learn In English…Like A Rocket

It can be very difficult to begin developing a new habit. It takes a lot of concentration. Let’s say you want to know how to learn in English and begin studying each evening…instead of watching TV. So, you get started, and you find that…

The first ten days of developing a new habit can be really difficult. You have to really focus on studying consistently. After that, your new habit still takes a lot of focus and concentration…but it starts to get a little easier up through day 20.

And then after that it becomes even easier…although you still have to consciously pay attention to it. After doing something consistently for about 30 day it becomes a new habit. And then you can do thing without thinking about them.

So, it’s important to remember to go easy in the beginning. Don’t try to develop several new habits at once…because will be concentrating too much energy on too many things and end up getting frustrated.

So just focus on developing one new habit at the time. Develop that habit well and then move on to the next one.

Don’t Develop Habits Like Me If You Want To Know How To Learn In English

I have to confess that I tried to develop to many habits at once about 2 years ago. I decided to make some major life changes. This involved developing about five new habits in my life.

I soon got frustrated, and gave up trying to change for awhile. But when I realized why, I went back and focused on one new habit at a time. It was much easier. Once I  developed one habit…I freed up mental energy to focus on another.

Which means, that our goal here is to show you how to learn in English by developing new habits in four key areas like the mavens do. This will help you develop habits to learn English almost automatically…

So, you don’t have to concentrate on them so much. That wayt you’ll be almost like a plane on an auto-pilot flying towards your destination.

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