How To Learn New Words In English And Develop Your Vocabulary

Do you have trouble understanding what you hear or expressing yourself to speak? Most students try to practice more…but what you really need is learn more vocabulary words. I discovered this when I learned Portuguese and French. So, I recorded this series of videos to explain my 5 step V.O.C.A.B. learning system.

I had a lot of trouble learning Portuguese. I understood most of what heard…but I felt frustrated if I didn’t know a word. And I also felt bad if I didn’t know a word I needed to express myself.

So, I understand how you feel while you try to learn new words to expand your English vocabulary. Then later when I studied French…I developed some simple techniques to help you out.

Watch this video series to discover how to overcome the…

3 Problems That Students Face When They Start To Learn New Words In English

One thing I notice is that English students have a lot of trouble learning English vocabulary words because…

  1. English students learn new words but they can’t use them when they want to speak
  2. Students listen to a lot of English but still can’t understand what they hear
  3. Students learn many new words but forget them quickly and can’t remember the vocabulary they studied.

But don’t worry, these are simple problems with simple solutions, and in the following videos in this series you’ll learn…

3 Ways To Learn New Vocabulary Words In English

Another thingk I notice is that there are different ways to learn new English vocabulary words. Each one has their strengths and weaknesses. Instead of using just one and criticizing the others…try using them all to your advantage. Then focus on the one that works best for you…

  1. Learn with Vocabulary Lists: These are lists of words your teacher gives you to study or a list you create around a specific theme. Use tools like flashcards and Spaced Repetition Systems so you don’t forget them.
  2. Learn Vocabulary Words In Context: When you read a text, observe the words you’ve learned previously to see if you can identify them in the text. Make sure to highlight those words you don’t know and want study.
  3. Learn New Vocabulary Words You Need: Those words you realize you need to learn to communicate and express yourself, to talk with someone, or ask for something.

If you want to know where to find lots of material to learn new words and increase your English vocabulary…watch this video to discover…

7 Resources To Learn New English Vocabulary Words In Context

It’s always good to learn new English vocabulary words in context so you can see how the words are used…especially when you have audio to learn how to pronounce those words correctly.

So, here are 7 resources with text and audio that you can use to study and learn new English vocabulary words. Try them all and see which works best for you.

  • Resource 1: Mini-stories in English are great lessons created specifically for English students like you. You can get them at several English sites online…including here at the VIP English Club
  • Resource 2: Podcasts can be found on blogs for English students as well as regular blogs in English. Just download the audio with the transcripts to start studying.
  • Resource 3: Audiobooks are longer than a podcast, but you can study by chapter. And if it’s a popular book, you can get a copy of the translation in your mother tongue.
  • Resource 4: The Bible can be found in English with the audio for you to listen to it. All you have to do is compare the translation in English with the translation in your mother tongue to quickly understand the new words you see.
  • Resource 5: Music is great because you can listen to music which is enjoyable while you study the lyrics. Learn how to sing your favorite songs in English while you learn what the words mean.
  • Resources 6 and 7: Movies & Series are great because you listen to conversations and dialogues in English while you learn the words from the subtitles in English and the translation in your mother tongue.

Once you have one of these resources and are ready to start learning new English vocabulary words…go ahead and watch the next video to learn the…

5 Step V.O.C.A.B. System To Learn New English Vocabulary Words So You Don’t Forget Them

Many students complain that learning words is hard and they forget them quickly. The real secret is to start using the new vocabulary words you learn as fast as possible.

So, here’s my  5 step V.O.C.A.B. system that I used to learn Portuguese and French…and teach to all my English students.

  • Step 1: Verify – Read your English text and listen to the audio using the Integrated Learning System. As you study it, verify how much you understand and what parts you don’t.
  • Step 2: Observe – Observe what words and expressions you don’t understand and mark them up. Make them bold, underline them, italicize them, etc. That way you can come back and study the words you don’t know to learn them and increase your vocabulary.
  • Step 3: Choose – Go back and choose a meaning for each of the words you marked up previously. Just guess what the word means based on the context. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. This is how we learn.
  • Step 4: Analyze – Now, go back and analyze the words you guessed by comparing them to your translated text or using a translator/dictionary. See if you guessed right. If so, great! You know what the word means. If not, no problem. Learn the right meaning and then…
  • Step 5: Back Up – This simply means that you write down your new vocabulary words on a flashcard or a notebook so you can study and review them later. Reviewing words is important so you don’t forget them.

To make sure you don’t forget your new English vocabulary words…watch the next video and learn how to use these…

3 Tools So You Don’t Forget The New Words You Learned

There are 3 tools you can use to Back Up your new vocabulary words so that you can review them and remember them. Try them all and see which works best for you.

  • Tool #1: Flashcards – Use flashcards to backup and review your English vocabulary. Write the word in English on one side and the meaning on the other. You can use online tools like Memrise or Anki
  • Tool #2: Spaced Repetitions System [SRS] is a special kind of flashcard system for reviewing your new English vocabulary words. Each day the SRS controls how many words you learn and how frequently you review words that you have already studied. Very powerful. Anki is free and you can use it on your desktop or cell phone.
  • Tool #3: Personalized Dictionary – Use a address book to write down the words you are learning in alphabetical order…or use a regular notebook and divide it yourself. Write down the sentences where you learned the words and create your own sentences to practice.

Final Thoughts On Learning New English Vocabulary Words

Learning new English vocabulary words can be a challenge…but I strongly believe that following the tips and suggestions in these videos will help you.

I hope you found this videos series helpful. Please feel free to give me your feedback in the comments below…and ask any questions you have so I can record more videos to help you learn English.

And feel free to share these videos with your family and friends as well. I really appreciate you helping us spread the word.

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