How To Say ‘How Are You’ In English And Other Related Greetings

Do you want to learn different ways to say ‘How Are You’ in English? Here are 4 (four) ways natives speakers greet people and ask how they are. This can be confusing for beginning English students who aren’t familiar with these expressions.  Watch the video to learn more…

Here are some of the phrases from the video:

  • How are you
  • How you doing
  • How’s it going
  • How’s life treating you

4 Ways To Say ‘Fine, Thanks! And You?’ In English

Are you tired of always saying ‘Fine, thanks! And you?’ in English? Would you like to learn some new phrases to say the same thing? Here are some different phrases and ways to say ‘Fine, Thanks! And You? in English

Here are some of the phrases from the video:

  • Fine thanks
  • I’m doing alright/OK
  • Great/Good/Well
  • I’m getting by
  • And you?
  • How about you?

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