How To Speak English Confidently?

Today’s question is from Minh Hue in Vietnam who wants to know how to gain confidence to speak English.

I am not confident to speak English. I need to speak English for my job.Minh Hue

Now, I know that this is a common problem that many English students are facing.

I see English students here in Brazil and online struggling to speak English.

Often times they can even read well, or understand what they hear.

But they struggle to form sentences because they don’t know how to join words

Or are embarrassed to make a mistake because they don’t know how to pronounce words correctly

It’s Not Easy To Speak English Confidently

I’ve even faced this problem myself when I learned Portuguese and while I was studying French.

It’s not easy because you face two problems…

  • It takes confidence to practice speaking English but…
  • You also have to practice speaking English to gain confidence too.

So, you need one to improve the other.

Now, it’s not impossible.

It’s actually one of the reasons why we created all the resources in the EXLenglish VIP Club.

So, I have a couple of ideas to share with Mihn Hue…

But before I share some of my ideas about how to start speak English confidently…

I want to give you the opportunity to share your tips and suggestions with the community too.

How Do You Build Confidence To Speak English?

Because I know that there are a lot of other people in this community who have faced this very same challenge of speaking English confidently

And I think this is a good way for us to help each other here in the community…

And I know that you probably have lots of ideas that you can share with Mihn Hue from your own English speaking experience…

I want to ask you if you would be willing to tell us how you built confidence to begin speaking English in the comments below!

Who knows?

Minh Hue and the other students…may like your ideas better than mine. 😉

So, if you’ve faced this same problem or have some ideas about how to speak English confidently

Please share them in the comments below.

Then I’ll share some ideas too.

Warm Regards,
David A. Bailey, Jr

P.s. If you have suggestions, ideas, or an experience about how you started speaking English confidently… please share it in the comments below.

P.P.S. And don’t forget to take a look at the EXLenglish VIP Club if you need material to help you build confidence speaking English


  1. Dear respected sir,
    “I am not confident to speak English. I need to improve my English,I don’t know what to do.
    I don’t know how to join words to make sentences. So please suggestions me.

  2. Hey M. Ayub! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it because it helps me understand the difficulties you face so I can write better blog posts. Let’s break down each point that you mention.

    1. Confidence in speaking comes with study and practice. So, I’ve written a post with 21 tips to buidl confidence at

    2. What you need to do is implement a Daily English Praxis of planing goals, learning new vocabulary, activating skills, networking with people to speak and use what you know, and then evaluating what’s working and what’s not. You can learn more about how to use a Daily English Praxis at

    3. To learn how to join words, it is very important to use sentences that you read or hear as models, and learn to modify them with other words. This comes through study and practice. I recommend all my students use an Integrated Learning System to develop all 8 skills for fluency. I haven’t written any posts about it yet. But I’ll add it to my lists of posts to write for you.

    Meantime, you can mini-story, lessons, and dialogues to practice with in the VIP English Club. These are the same lessons I’ve created for my students here at school. There are 20 modules that we’ve created to help students with these issues. You can see more at

    If you have more questions, let me know. I’m happy to help.

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