How To Use The Verb ‘To Know’ In English?

Do you know how to use the verb ‘to know’ to talk about people you know and things that you learn in English?

This word can be difficult for many English students who confuse the meanings and ways of using the verb ‘To Know’ in English.

So, I recorded a series of videos to help you learn to use ‘KNOW’ correctly and practice your English pronunciation.

In this first video, we’ll look at a question that Wong Fei asked about how to use the word ‘KNOW’ to talk about people. Listen and repeat along with me

“Hello teacher David. Can you help me with a doubt about the difference between know and meet. The word to know means ‘saber’ or ‘conhcer’ and the word meet is for when you are presented to someone like ‘Nice to meet you’. But my question is when to use ‘saber’ or when to use ‘conhecer’ when referring  to the word know. For example: I know her, I know that, I know him. Is it always related to people.” – Wong Fei

The simple answer is yes. Wong Fei’s observation is correct. We generally use ‘to know’ to refer to people as in ‘conhecer’. But there are exceptions.

Here are the sample sentences from the video so you can follow along with me to practice your pronunciation.

  • I know her. She’s really nice.
  • You know Mark fairly well
  • We know her better than we know Mark
  • They know Albert and John
  • Do they know Albert and John?
  • They don’t know Albert and John

Great! Next up, you’ll learn about…

How To Use Know To Talk About Something Learned

Do you understand how to use know to talk about things that you learn by studying or doing? This may be different than what you are used to hearing in your mother-tongue. Watch the video to see how phrases are formed in English

Listen and repeat along with me to improve your English pronunciation and reduce your accent.  Follow along with the sentences below.

  • I know
  • You know they don’t like me
  • We know how to get there
  • She knows what to do with it
  • Does she know what to do with it?
  • She doesn’t know what to do with it
  • Why doesn’t she know what to do with it?
  • She knew what to do with it last week

 Fantastic! Now, you’ll learn…

How To Say You ‘Know’ A Place In English?

Did you know that there is a common mistake many English students make when they want to ask if you’ve been somewhere or visited a place? Look at a comment Gerson left on the last video:

Is it correct to say, “I’d like to KNOW United States?” I said this once to an American I met on the street. But later I thought I should have used ‘VISIT’. Thanks in advance.

That’s the same mistake that many Spanish, Portuguese, and French speakers make when talking about ‘knowing a place’.

However, in English we generally use other verbs like ‘go’, ‘visit’, ‘live’, or ‘been’.

Watch the video to learn how to ask these kinds of questions correctly in English

Here are the phrases used in the video for you to follow along with.

  • Have you ever been to London?
  • Would you like to visit Paris?
  • We went to Europe in 2010
  • How long have you lived in Brazil?

Excellent! So, in the next video you are going to learn…

How To Use ‘Meet’ and ‘Know’ Correctly In English

This is another common mistake that many English students make. What is the difference between ‘meet’ and ‘know’ in English and when do you use each one of these words. Watch the video and practice the sentences.

English students often mix up the meaning between words like ‘meet’ and ‘know’. So follow along and repeat these sentences below with me in the video.

Phrases with ‘Meet’ In English

  • Nice to meet you
  • I met them yesterday
  • We’ll meet later
  • Let’s meet her at McDonalds for coffee

Phrases with ‘Know’ In English

  • I know Tom [I’ve already met him]
  • I’ve known Sue for years [We met in 1995]
  • I’m sorry! Do I know you? [I don’t believe we’ve met]
  • Do you know Art [Have you two met?]

Great! Coming up in the following video, you’ll learn…

How To Use The Phrase ‘Get To Know’ In English with Different Verb Tenses

Do you know how to use the phrase ‘Get To Know’ correctly in English using the past continuous and past perfect verb tenses? Watch this video to learn these English phrases and expressions while improving your pronunciation

Here are the phrase from the video so you can follow along with me and say these phrases from the video:

  • Shouldn’t you get to know her better?
  • We need to to get to know each other first
  • I’d like to spend some time to get to know you better
  • You got to know him pretty well before the accident [simple past tense]
  • We were just getting to know him when it happened [past continuous verb tense]
  • They had gotten to know him before we did though [past perfect verb tense]

Notice that the verb ‘get’ is an irregular verb, so in the past we say ‘got’.

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