How To Use The Word ‘Blue’ In English Phrases And Expressions?

Do you want to express yourself better in English so you can speak more fluently and naturally? If so, watch this video to find out how to use the word ‘Blue’ in English with phrases and expressions in the sample sentences below. See the phrases written below and what they mean).

  • He’s got the blues
  • Why are you so blue
  • He’s a blue collar worker
  • He talked till he was blue in the face
  • She talks up a blue streak
  • They came out of the blue
  • We go once in a blue moon

Leave a comment, if you have questions about any of these phrases or expressions with the word blue. Or to tell us what you want to learn in the next video.

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  1. You are awesome. Thnkyou. It was realy helpful for me, I have learned something totaly new and unusual for me. )))

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