Joe Sleeps To China – Mini-Story

Do you want to travel to another country? In this mini-story, you will hear how Joe…

  • plans his vacation
  • reserves his passages
  • packs his luggage
  • and checks in at the airport

But his trip goes all wrong and he has lots of problems going through immigration.

This is a mini-story from module 5 in the VIP English Club. You can follow the 12 steps to develop all your English skills with this mini-story.

If you can’t see the video  player above…you can watch Joe Sleeps To China on Youtube

This is actually a partially true story…as some of the events were taken from my life and the lives of my students.

These mini-stories were created live with my students in class.

We developed these learn English mini-story lessons to help our English students overcome specific problems they were having when trying to speak English.

And the mini-stories were also created to teach vocabulary and help students speak in English about topics that interested them.

You can access all the mini-stories, lessons, exercises, and dialogues in the VIP English Club.

Each month you’ll get a new module with 48 mini-story English lessons.

Enjoy the story about Joe and his crazy trip, and if you have any questions…just leave a comment below.

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