Learn English Language Mini Story – The Train Ride

Here is a question and answer mini-story that I created for my English students. You can use it to learn to speak English by answering the 10 questions in your own words.

Make sure to follow the 12 steps first…and join the VIP English Club if you want more mini-stories and lessons every month.

Here are some of the comments we received on the video. Make sure to leave your comment too and tell me how I can improve these mini-stories to help you learn english faster and easier.

“Hi it is a nice experience. I like the way you teach english.” – Manojadr

“It’s a perfect video to learn english. I appreciate that.” – Ahmed Ali

“Dear sir this the best way to teach students actually who want to learn actual english . please send me and my friends more story lessons thank you so much” – Ibrahim Masood

Hi, I like the way you teach english. I hope to get the same way english lessons from you. keep up the good work!” – Fyda Wills

“Thanks dude! Before the this year wind up I wanna improve my english as much as possible! This kind of source will help me a lot” – Claudemir Clou

“I’d love you if you tell a story , where you change the point of view several times” – Dario Bacher

We do have Point of View Mini-Stories at the VIP English Club!

You can get 48 mini-story, lessons, and dialogues every month when you join.


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