Learn English – Mini-Story 1: Emily’s True Love

This is a very interesting mini-story that was created by a student. This is the first story in new series for you to enjoy while you…

  • increase your vocabulary
  • learn new expressions
  • master grammar structures
  • improve your pronunciation to become more fluent and proficient.

Go ahead and watch this video now as you listen to the mini-story. And you can get 48 mini-story lessons and exercises every month in the VIP English Club

This was a story that was written by Jamille, one of our online English students. Read some comments from other students.

“So good!!~, I love this method. I need to understand on speed speaking.” – Desde el Mundo Conocido

“I like this story. Her story is the same my story, my friend come from Congo. He is studying in VietNam” – Chè Tân Cương Đệ Nhất

“Thanks a lot David.. it is indeed helpful for beginners. Look forward to hear more stories from you. I would recommend it to others as well. thanks again!!” – Sandeep Sandy

But I want you to realize that this is just a small portion of what you get in the VIP English Club every month
  • Vocabulary Lessons (to learn the main vocabulary words)
  • Sentence Structure Lessons (to learn how to join words and model sentences)
  • Pronunciation Lessons (to improve your pronunciation)
  • Idioms and Expressions Lessons (to express yourself more fluently in English)
And that’s before we even get to the mini-story.
You get them all in the VIP English Club
Then after studying those lessons you also get the following…
  • Mini-story (the main story for you to master and retell)
  • Point of View Mini-story (to learn to speak from different points of view)
  • Grammar Mini-story (to learn to tell the story in different grammar tenses)
  • Alternate Mini-story (same basic vocabulary…but different story)
  • Mini-story Dialogues (to learn and practice speaking with others)
And then we’ve even included a few extra bonuses because students wanted them.
  • 3 speaking exercises that are ready for you to practice one you learn the story
  • Grammar exercises (not necessary) but some students like them
  • And recordings of webcasts that we did with students when we first started teaching the mini-stories.
Now the audio quality of the recorded webcasts aren’t that great.
But I’ve left them in because we answered a lot of questions that students had when we first started.
Remember that we’ve been teaching these lessons for years (I started back in 2001)…
  • And these were lessons I created with my students to overcome specific problems they had.
  • And that other teachers have used to teach their students.
  • A part of this material actually makes up the curriculum for a 2 year course that is used in a school.
So, there is a lot of great material that can help your English.
Now, I never planned on teaching online like this. I was just teaching in Brazil…
But so many people call me from other countries asking for help…that I finally put it online so it could help other English students like you.
And that’s part of why I started the EXLenglish blog.
But I’ll tell you more about the story of how it all started tomorrow.
Right now…go listen to the Free Mini-story and then leave a comment to tell me what you think.

I’d love to hear your feedback.

You can ask me questions as well.

And if you like the mini-story, you can get 48 more mini-stories, lessons, exercises, and dialogues  at the VIP English Club


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