Learn English Mini-Story: Lucien Gets Married

Here is a new Learn English Mini-story with Questions and Answers to help you build your English vocabulary and learn new expressions with a new ESL mini-story about Lucien who gets married and thinks he is going to live happily ever after. But think again Lucien, it won’t be that easy.

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There is a naive, young man named Lucien. He is a green Locrylian who lives on the Island of Dragons. He falls in love with the most beautiful woman on the island. Her name is Alfre, and she is the woman of his dreams.

Lucien works very hard to sweep her off her feet and win her heart. He promises to work very hard to make her happy. Alfre finally agrees to marry him. Lucien feels that he is the luckiest man in the world.

But after they get married, Alfre is very cruel to Lucien. She nags poor Lucien all the time about everything. He tries to be a good husband, but Alfre is never satisfied with anything Lucien does. She complains about everything. Lucien has to walk on eggshells whenever he’s around her.

Alfre makes him do all the housework while she watches soap operas and goes to the beauty salon. She doesn’t let Lucien play soccer or go out with his friends. And if Lucien complains, she beats him with a broom and locks him in the basement.

Alfre tells Lucien that he is a bad husband. She tells him to try harder to make her happy. So, Lucien bends over backwards to please her, but it is no use. Alfre complains even more.

One day, Lucien discovers that she is cheating on him. He goes out hunting, but realized he forgot his knife. When he arrives home, he sees his wife kissing another man named Martin.

Lucien is very upset. He tries to shoot the man. Lucien wounds him, but doesn’t kill him. Alfre is furious and screams at Lucien. She tells Lucien that she doesn’t love him anymore. Alfre says that he should have tried harder to make her happy. So, he packs his bags and leaves.

If you are an artist, feel free to share any drawings and paintings inspired by the story. And English teachers feel free to share lessons inspired by the story too.

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  1. Are there any words or expressions that you didn’t understand?

  2. So sad about this history, very inappropriate, full of old cliches that do not add anything new …

    • It’s the set up of a much bigger story about Lucien going on the adventure of a lifetime. He will join the resistance and save his people to become the Dragon Prince. It’s going to be a sort of Romeo & Juliet story with a tragedy. Then later through a twist of fate, he will become the worst villain the world has ever known the stories about Jenny and Art they we posted previously.

    • It is an unfortunate story, but I was using it to teach some common words and expressions related to a relationships like ‘sweep her off her feet’, ‘walking on eggshells’ and ‘bend over backwards’. Were there any words you didn’t understand?

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