Learn English Mini Story – The Job Interview

Learn English Mini Story - The Job Interview Learn English Mini Story is back with a new lesson on job interviews. This mini-story is based on a very funny commercial by Pepsi Max. You can watch the commercial below.

So, go ahead and listen to the mini-story about 3 guys who are looking for a new job. Pay close attention to the words in ‘red’. There are several words related to job interviews. There are also a few phrasal verbs, awesome words, and expressions as well.

Learn English Mini Story Video

Listen to the learn English mini story several times until you understand it. Study the words and expressions. Answer the questions at the end of the story also. Then retell the story to a friend.

Learn English Mini Story Was Based On This Commercial

Pretty funny! Huh! Well, I hope you enjoyed this lesson.

If you have any questions about the words or feedback about the story…leave a comment below. Go ahead and watch the original commercial below.

Look for more learn English mini story lessons here soon.

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