Learn English Podcast #1: Love & Romance

Hey! Welcome! This is our first podcast…our pilot episode. So, listen in as David & Junior help you practice and improve your English skills.

In this podcast, you’ll learn may new vocabulary words and idioms related to love and romance. Plus you’ll listen to a very romantic dialogue between ‘Joan’ and her lover.

The dialogue comes from a mini-story we created for our VIP members. It’s about a girl named Joan who has two best friends. However, they both fall in love with her…and a very confusing love triangle ensues. Check out the EXLenglish VIP Club

Learn English Podcast David & Junior will explain the meaning of the key vocabulary words and idiomatic expressions so you can learn to express yourself more clearly in English.

So, grab yourself a cup of coffee…as well as a pen and a notepad to take notes. Then put on your headset and crank up the volume.


We’ve also included a cheat sheet for you to follow along with…as you listen to the podcast.

This dialogue and theme comes from module 8 in the EXLenglish VIP club. There is a whole series of stories, lessons, and dialogues that go along with each module. Plus lots of vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and expression lessons as well.

All of the lessons are in MP3 format…plus they come with transcripts for you to follow along with as well. So, if you’d like to get access to the mini-stories and English lessons we’ve created for our students…go ahead and join us there.

Check out the EXLenglish VIP Club


  1. thank you so much

  2. Hello there! Greetings from Taboão da serra SP; guys this podcast was awesome!! Keep up the good work .Hey dude, Junior is talking as a native speaker… Best regards

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