Learn To Speak English Mini Story – The Sewer Snake

This is a fun mini-story that I created for my students in class. We watched the movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ when we created it. So, you’ll find many similarities.

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Here are some of the comments we received on the video so far. Make sure to leave a comment below and tell us what you think too.

You are a good teacher. I`m loving this short stories. Really I am understanding all. Thanks.” – Magda Guolo 

“My goodness, it’s wonderfulll:D thank u so much hope u can post more useful video like this:) best wishes for you:)” – Bui Minh 

“Great job 🙂 I liked it , and its very easy to understand and helpful for automatic and instant understanding and answering while speaking real English , in real daily conversations . Thank you .. I sure will check your other stories!” – Miss Nalli

“This is the way we can improve our English when we learn how to answer the questions automatically & quickly. Thank you.” – Kim Chee

And if you want 48 more learn English mini-story lessons and exercises every monthy…join us in the VIP English Club

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